You Might Have Daddy Issues


By: Krystle Crossman

How is your relationship with your father? Did he leave when you were a child? Was he there but not really there? Did he abuse you in anyway? Social worker and therapist Sonja Keller says that if you say yes to any of these things then you are one of the many women out there who people classify as having “daddy issues”. Here are some characteristics about women with “daddy issues” and how you can turn these characteristics into healthy relationships if you identify with any of them.

1. If you would rather be in a relationship that is messed up and unhappy you may have a problem. Be mindful of who you jump into a relationship with and think about whether you are with them because you actually have a connection or whether you just don’t want to be alone. Work on telling yourself that you are single and it is okay. You are in the right place and are okay.

2. Do you find yourself dating men who are much older than you are? This is one of the classic signs of “daddy issues”. You may be trying to find a father type to take care of you. He will have more power as he is older and wiser. Tell yourself that you want your power back.

3. You have s*x… a lot. You may tend to jump into bed with every guy that you meet. This is very dangerous for many reasons. Think about what you are putting your body through and the risk you are taking. Tell yourself that you respect your body too much to keep up with that behavior.

4. You may find yourself constantly needing affection. You need to hear “I love you”. You need hugs. You need to know that he is going to be home at night with you. If you continue with this you will push your partner away. Make sure that you tell yourself that you love yourself and remind yourself of that constantly.

5. You suffocate your partner with your clinginess. You always need to be near them to make sure that they aren’t going to leave you. Keep telling yourself that things are okay and that your partner is not going to leave.



  1. Carmen Akua on

    Many years ago, a man I dated told me ‘You hate your father.’ And he was right; I did and still do hate my father. When he and my mother divorced, he divorced my sister and I, too. He wasn’t there for us. He treated his three step-sons like princes, and treated me and my sisters like we were diseased. When we graduated high school, he didn’t even give a card to congradulate us. But a few years later, when his eldest step-son graduated, he bought him a new car and paid for a week-long vacation to Disney World for him and one of his friends. Charlie (I refuse to call him father, dad, pop, or daddy, etc.) tried to blame my mother for his not being a good father. But I didn’t believe the hype: I told him he should’ve taken her to family court to fight for his rights, and was just trying to shift the blame on mom. The bottom line was, he really wanted sons, not daughters. What I learned was this: “Only a man can teach a girl about men.” So fathers, if you don’t want your daughter(s) to promiscuous, or in abusive relationships, no matter if you and the mother are together or not, please be a Father to you Woman-Child.

  2. A lot of women need to read this article or at least the chart. I don’t think we ever stop to think about what our actions really subconsciously mean. We continue to regurgitate the same foolish mess of relationships and in turn become bitter. I hope women will read this and do some self analysis to lead to self help and self love.