You Need A “Side Hustle” But Be Careful; It Could Get You Fired


working momBy Staff Blogger

More and more often we are hearing about people having more than one job due to the poor economy and rising living costs. Moonlighting is nothing new in the workforce, but it is certainly becoming more of the norm, much to the chagrin of managers everywhere.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that only 5% of workers officially hold more than one job but with developing technology more people are looking into moonlighting. Managers cringe when they hear an employee is moonlight as it not only can affect productivity, but your energy will decrease and it is less time you are spending thinking about your main job.

When you think of having a second job, you think about commuting to another office after a long day at your regular job, however thanks to the internet there are a bevy of moonlight jobs that people can do from the comfort of their homes.

If you want to work from home you can blog, you can write freelance articles, and you can do data entry, or start an Ebay or Zazzle store. The possibilities are endless. Most of these jobs will not earn you a whole other salary, but they are great for supplemental income when you would be sitting on the computer anyway.

You can often tie in your second job with what you do in your first. For example, if you work in marketing during the day, by night you can run a small business or offer low cost classes in marketing. Using social media to promote these jobs is helpful as well.

One thing that you need to be careful of when moonlight is not to offer a product or service that competes with your full time job or else you could lose the full time. For example, if you work for a travel agency during the day, it is smart not to offer people travel advice and tips by night.



  1. No shiite. During a period of unemployment during the Bush Depression I was reduced to taking a job at Target. They were paying 6.75 per hour and only giving most employees 15-20 hours per week, They would deliberately not give you a regular schedule so you could not work another job! They would move you from shift to shift and schedule you for shifts at a day’s notice. So I found a job working security at a steel plant paying 10.00 per hour, that due to being on high alert due to the phony Bush War on Terror had security people working 20 hours overtime per week. So I go to the managers at Target and tell them I need to go to mornings only and that I will be there on time and ready to work and they tell me “We don’t accommodate your other job. You have “a choice” to make”! BITCH what kind of damn choice is THAT? Now I am on a list of people whole can’t work for Target! Oh the SHAME, LOL!

    They expect us all to live like serfs.

  2. When companies start paying more money people will not have to work second jobs. It is disheartening that one goes to undergraduate college or perhaps gets an advanced degree and lives check to check. The salaries offered by most companies today seem to deliberately keep employees living check to check. They refuse to negotiate salaries, but require a degree then use you for your skills and experience while treating you badly. Turnover on many jobs is high for this reason. I wish the government would mandate minimum salaries when jobs require a degree due to difficulty making ends meet let alone repaying student loans.

    America is suppose to be the richest country in the world (a joke) salaries are ridiculously low and education beyond high school isn’t free.

  3. Phillip Battle on

    The higher education one receives in America is overrated; Bachelors degree’and Masters degree can be as useless ass the paper there printed on. Considering outsourcing, and illegal immigrant labor that’s the norm in the great USofA– why would American businesses pay a fair salary. One would be more intelligent to attend a specialized institute that would prepare one for a promising in demand career. School loans, and student credit cards should give one some type of insight of the corrupt functioning of these universities. Well at least one can brag about going to college.


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