You Should Be Eating This Food at Every Meal to Improve Your Diet


Book-Green-Leafy-VeggetablesBy: Krystle Crossman

All of us could probably stand to make our diet a little better. One thing that you should be eating every day is leafy green vegetables. They have numerous health benefits as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

In every calorie there are more nutrients packed into leafy greens than any other food that you can eat. They have vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber to help your body fight off cancer and heart disease.

Some of the best leafy greens that you can eat are:

– Kale
– Spinach
– Swiss Chard
– Dandelion greens
– Mustard

These greens include vitamins A, C, and K in high doses. They also contain calcium and potassium which are very important to muscle and heart function. Make sure that you give these greens a good washing before you eat them, but you can throw them into any meal. Have them in a smoothie for breakfast, as a salad for lunch, and as a garnish/side dish for dinner.

Be gentle with your greens. Buy all organic if you can, but if you are worried about price, mix organic with regular greens. Make sure that they are properly washed before eating them and also make sure that you don’t leave them in the crisper too long as they will lose their nutrients quickly. When cooking, don’t overcook them; steam and sauté as quickly as possible to keep all of the nutrients and taste.

If you aren’t a salad eater, you can always sneak the greens in so that you don’t really notice they are there. Hide them under a piece of lean meat such as chicken or fish so that with every bite of meat you get a bite of greens too, but still mostly taste the meat. You can put some in soup so that you get more of the soup taste. Anyway you choose to hide them, try to do it for every meal to get the full health benefits!



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