You Stink: Why You Have Bad Breath or a “fishy” Smell


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever been in a small space and wondered where that smell was coming from, then realized that it was you? There are some smells that you cannot get rid of by bathing or wearing perfumes and deodorants!

1. If you love broccoli you probably eat it quite often. Even if you chew gum after you eat it to get rid of your “broccoli breath” it won’t do you any good. When it is digested in your stomach it puts more of a stench in your body which inevitably comes out.

2. How often do you wash your best bra? Many women tend to wear their favorite bra for a few days and don’t wash it as much as they should. The bra touches a lot of skin that is prone to sweating and traps odors or bacteria.

3. When you get stressed out your sweat has a different chemical make-up than regular sweat that you use deodorant for. This kind of sweat is produced in the apocrine glands and is a playground for a host of bacteria.

4. If your feet tend to stink no matter what you do, it could be because of the stress as well. This sweat comes out of your feet and when it does it is trapped inside a warm environment which is a feeding ground for a host of different bacteria.

5. If you notice that you have an odd stench constantly, have a doctor check out your blood sugar. One of the symptoms of diabetes is diabetic ketoacidosis which is when the insulin breaks down fat and your body is filled with ketones. These ketones can cause a change in body odor.

6. When you drink the alcohol can literally come out of your pores. It makes its way out while you are drinking and it is coursing through your body.

7. Finally, you could have Trimethylaminuria. This is a rare genetic disorder that makes it so the body cannot break down trimethylamine which has a fishy smell to it. When there is too much in the body it is released through blood, sweat, and your breath.



  1. Great information. I am sure that many men and women have been accused of being “funky or trifling”, due to problems that are not within their control no matter how much they bathe.

    • You’re right, I have had this rare disorder, all of my life. It’s called, Liver Dysfunctional Disorder.
      When I was a youngster, I would take several baths every day, my mother use to say, boy, you’re going to wash all of the black off of you. I told her,even thou, I to a bath, I still had a fecal odor, but she stated that she never smelled it, but it always there.
      I have basically, sheltered myself b/c I’ve had terrible things said about me where ever I’ve gone. It is so embarrassing knowing that this fecal odor follows you every where, even after you have bathed &done everything that you’re suppose to be doing & it’s always still here.
      I have bad breath, even tho, I brush 3 times a day, use a tongue scrapper,dry mouth wash, my breath has never smelt good, sweat smells w/fecal, everything about me smells of fecal.
      I’m so depressed, that I stay away from every one, even my family has made nasty remarks about, when I’m around, they hold their breath, put their hand over their nose, so I have had to make a choice to just stay to myself & it gets real lonely, bit, I hate to be around any one b/c of the fecal odor.
      There are many jokes that have been made, so I think that in order to quit all of the BS, I very seldom get around any one. I really suffer silently & by myself.
      The problem is that my FMO3 Enzyme isn’t functioning so this fecal odor is the problem that I have.
      There is a body odor group on Yahoo.con.
      Please, don’t make jokes about people’s odors, unless, you know for sure that they just take care of theirself, b/c it could really be a sad turning for them. There have been many that have committed suicide b/c of it. It’s not a pleasant disoder to have.

      • Hello Ron,

        I read your post and have a few suggestions please consider doing colon hydrotherapy or colonics. You can find a center in your area I am sure. Also get some pribiotics and enzymes. I will research some information on things you can do to cleanse your blood. Try to reduce the meat especially beef as it is hard to digest.

        Peace and Blessings to you

  2. Great information, soaking feet in tea ki!!s foot fungus. Just brew 2 teabags and soak your feet for about 10 mins, dry between your toes properly. Remember to make sure you air out your shoes and your socks are clean.

  3. Ron

    Have you tried pribiotics,enzymes and colon hydrotherapy or enemas for internal cleansing. Find a colon therapist in your area.

    Peace and blessings

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