You Won’t Believe What Celebrities Are Saying is the Best Hangover Cure


By: Krystle Crossman

Pedialyte is a popular drink for kids that helps them replenish electrolytes and fluids when they are sick. Before 2012 15% of the market for Pedialyte was made up of adults. Now over 33% of the market is adults. Why are adults drinking something that is for children? There are a few reasons. Athletes have been drinking it for a while to help them replace the fluid that they are losing while they are training or playing. But a new trend is on the rise and celebrities are jumping on board. Miley Cyrus and Pharrell have posted photos on Instagram recently showing their drink of choice being Pedialyte. They are drinking this to help them with their hangovers.

When you drink a lot you end up becoming dehydrated. Dehydration is what causes a severe hangover in the morning. Your head hurts, you are nauseous, bright lights and sounds are intolerable. You need to replace the electrolytes that you weren’t getting the night before. In just 32 ounces of Pedialyte you will get 100 calories, 780mg of potassium, and 1,035mg of sodium. All of these components are important to have when you are dehydrated.

A spokesperson for Pedialyte states that the company does market the drink to adults for various reasons such as the stomach flu, travel sickness, and yes, even the occasional drinking outing. Author Keri Gans, RD, states that she has a problem with the way the drink is being marketed because they make it seems like it is okay to get really drunk because there is a cure for it in the morning. Gans doesn’t feel that promoting drinking is a very responsible thing for the company to do. A spokesperson for Pedialyte came back with a statement that they promote it for occasional drinking, and not drinking binges or every day use. They have recently announced however that they will be handing out samples of the drink at 144 music festivals across the country this summer. Gans says that she recommends that people stay hydrated with water while they are trying to get rid of a hangover. If you have one glass of water with every drink that you have the night before you may be able to keep that hangover at bay.


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