You Won’t Believe What is in This Possible Weight-loss Pill!


By: Isabella Carson

There are a variety of different diet plans and weight-loss “cures” out there. Many are drawn in by advertising and false hope that these plans or pills will work. While some assist with losing weight they are not permanent solutions and should never be a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle. Researchers and doctors at the University of Calgary will be conducting a clinical trial on a new method that they feel has great potential.

Elaine Yu is the lead researcher on the project. She states that they are not sure of what the results will be as there is no scientific evidence just yet to link this new pill up to weight-loss, but that is why they are testing it. A group of 20 participants in the study take a pill each day that contains something that many may find revolting. The researchers have a hunch that it could be a natural way to help your body drop the pounds. So what is in this pill that is so odd? Well, it is freeze-dried feces.

Healthy donors have their feces freeze-dried and it is then placed in capsules for consumption. The researchers say that the microbes that come from a donor who is of a healthy weight will help the obese recipient change their body chemistry around and burn fat faster. The chemistry inside of your stomach and intestines is difficult to balance sometimes and can change how you process the food that you eat.

A study was conducted on mice in labs that gave the researchers hope. The mice were given fecal matter from a set of twins. One of the twins was a healthy weight, the other one was obese. The mouse that was given the fecal matter from the obese twin gained weight after ingesting the pill while the other mouse lost weight. The researchers are hoping to prove that by ingesting the microbes of someone with a healthy and regulated digestive system you can change the chemistry in your body and process food in a healthier way.

One of the biggest problems that the researchers had was developing a capsule for the fecal matter. Normally the capsules that we take as medication dissolve when they come into contact with feces. Since that was what the capsule was supposed to be carrying through the body they couldn’t use the normal casing that they would with other medications. A company called OpenBiome developed a capsule that would stay in tact in normal room temperatures and then dissolve when it enters the small intestine.

It will be interesting to see the results of the human trials. Would you swallow a pill filled with p0op to help you lose weight?


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