You Won’t Believe What Men Need To Boost Their Mood Just as Much As Women Do


depressed-man1By: Krystle Crossman

When you give your man a hug, do you feel that he is enjoying the closeness or do you think that he’s just hugging back to satisfy your need for affection? A new study was conducted that shows that men may be enjoying that hug more than you think.

The research that was conducted showed that men and women both said that hugging was the best way to put you in a better mood. Whether you are down from a long day or work or whether you are just feeling lost, someone wrapping their arms around you and holding you tight is great for men and for women. Men also said that time with friends, music, and warm fresh air were great mood boosters. Women chose tea, watching their favorite television show, or talking with someone who you haven’t spoken to in a really long time. Another part of the survey showed that 41% of people said that they get most of their support from their spouse. After that their support came in from a friend.

One of the things that did not make the list as something that the men and women should turn to as a method of support is alcohol.

Hugs have a lot of benefits other than just boosting your mood. When you hold someone tight it activates your sympathetic nervous system and helps calm someone down if they are having a panic attack. The deep pressure that you give to the other person will help to slow down their metabolic rate which also helps when they are having an anxiety attack. Aside from these benefits, wouldn’t you think that it would be nice to get a hug just because?


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