You Won’t Believe What These Cheaters Have Done Right Next To Their Partners


By: Krystle Crossman

Those who cheat take a bold risk when they start a relationship on the side. They sneak around, they lie, they do whatever they can to make sure that they aren’t caught. Then there are some cheaters that are a little more bold and will s*xt on their phone (s*x texting). This is dangerous for them if they have a jealous partner who will go through their phone to see who they have been talking to. Even more dangerous are the growing number of cheaters who s*xt with the person they are having an affair with while their significant other is right in the room with them.

The website Victoria Milan is a dating site that is for people who are married and looking to have an affair. They recently polled 11,050 members on different subjects. One of the most shocking results that they got from the polls was that 64% of their members that s*xted with the person they were having an affair with did it while their significant other was right there next to them. It is almost like they want to get caught cheating. The poll also showed that 13% of those people weren’t afraid at all of getting caught. Out of the 11,050 polled 75% stated that they were somewhat afraid to get caught and 12% said that they were very afraid.

The computer security software company Avast recently took a poll as well. They found that one in four women in committed relationships went through their significant other’s phone or computer to see who they are talking to and what they are saying. One in five men claimed that they snoop on their partner. Out of the people that do snoop, 53% of men stated that they found out that their significant other was cheating on them and 71% of women stated that they found evidence after snooping.

If you are at a point where you are suspicious of your significant other and are taking the time to snoop through their phone and email it is time to take a step back and look at why you feel the need to snoop. There is probably a reason. Many people who suspect cheating already know that it is happening, they just need the proof.


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