You Won’t Believe What’s In The Pizza You Order


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Pizza is an American staple. You will find it in homes all over the country. Superbowl Sunday is the busiest pizza delivery day of the year. There are so many different pizza places to choose from in cities all over the country from local pizzerias to national chains like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Each has a unique flavor and distinct ingredient list. When you bite into that savory dish, are you aware of what ingredients are lurking inside?

Blogger Vani Hari, “The Food Babe”, investigated to see what types of ingredients were in the pizza from a list of national chains. Many of the restaurants were very hesitant to give her an ingredient list and some had no clue what was in the pizza that they were serving. She found some interesting things hiding in our favorite pizzas after a little digging.

California Pizza Kitchen, Little Caesars, and Mellow Mushroom denied her any access to ingredients. Little Caesars told her that it was against their policy to give out ingredients to customers and that if she didn’t like that she didn’t have to eat there. Papa John’s also refused to give up any ingredient information. They said that for proprietary reasons they could not disclose the information to the public. It made Hari wonder what it was that they were hiding. She then found out… MSG.

A lot of MSG was found in most of the pizzas from different pizza chains. So while some may not have wanted to disclose their ingredients because they want to keep their recipes a secret, she also wonders if many are hiding them because they don’t want people to know about how much MSG they are ingesting when they eat their pizzas.

Due to FDA regulations a restaurant has to disclose when they are using MSG in their foods. Many have found a way around that by putting glutamic acid in their foods instead which has the same properties and effects as MSG. One of the biggest side effects of MSG is that it makes you think that what you are eating is the best tasting thing on the planet and makes you want to eat more and more. It can also lead to obesity, depression, and headaches if you eat too much of it.

On top of the MSG-like ingredients she also found that there are a lot of artificial dyes and colors, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup in the pizzas and their toppings as well.



  1. I can believe it when I eat a double supreme at Pizza Hut it is like crack (I’ve never smoked crack) but it is so addictive. I don’t stop unless I’ve had two pieces. The next day I eat the pizza cold straight from the fridge. I don’t even heat it up.

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