You Won’t Believe Why This Woman Suffering from Anorexia Was Told She Couldn’t Have an Eating Disorder


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Nicole Weaver was suffering but no one would believe her. She struggled for years with an eating disorder but because of stereotypes and the color of her skin no one believed her. They told her that she couldn’t have an eating disorder. She was black, black girls don’t have eating disorders they said. It all started in elementary school with innocent comments.

Weaver stated that she was a very picky eater when she was a child and she was always very skinny because of this. As she became older people would comment on how thin she was or how little she ate. These were innocent comments and observations but they had repercussions once she got into high school. Weaver said that she would feel like she was going to let everyone down if she gained any weight so she did what she could to make sure that she didn’t. She joined the junior varsity soccer team so that she could work out and burn more calories. She would run on the treadmill for hours and hours.

Every time she went to the doctor she was told that she was underweight but she just looked at it as “overachieving”. She said that she would skip meals because she didn’t want to take any calories in even though she was burning so many during the day. Her mother began to notice this activity and when she asked Weaver what she had eaten during the day she got the truth but never said anything about it. Weaver tried many times to tell her mother that she hadn’t eaten much of anything for the day as a cry for help. Her mother one day told her that she couldn’t have an eating disorder because she was black and then dropped it completely.

Weaver said that she felt hurt that her mother dismissed her so quickly. She finally got on a healthier path during college and began to eat properly. She was on and off of her extreme diets for years. She stated that she had a voice in her head that would constantly tell her to just skip meals instead of trying to do things the healthy way. She feels that she will struggle with this all of her life but she will forever remember what her mother said to her and how it made it that much harder to get help for her disorder.


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  1. I had the same problem…In fact I had a friend who is also Black,… go through it too. Some people are just ignorant. You see shows on television showing ONLY the white girls with Anorexia or Bulimia. People then think only whites get it… which is dumb…

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