You’ll Be Inspired By Queen Latifah’s Story About Her Mother’s Illness


By: Krystle Crossman

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Queen Latifah opened up about her mother’s health and how she has dealt with it. She had considered moving her show to Los Angeles in September so that she could be closer to her mother while she was ill. In 2013 Latifah’s mother Rita Owens had been diagnosed with scleroderma which is an autoimmune disease.

Owens says that her daughter is always there for her. She is always peeking her head in her bedroom door and checking to see if she needs anything. Owens also states that Latifah sacrifices a lot of her time to help care for her and she is very grateful for that. It is a tough job when a family member is sick and you have a full time job to work as well, but Queen Latifah makes it all work out. When her mother has a doctor’s appointment she is right there making sure that the doctors are doing what they need to be doing to ensure that her mother gets the best care that she possibly can.

Latifah says that unless you have a family member that is sick you can’t really understand how much time and effort you have to put in every day. She says it is a 24 hour job every single day. She goes to work, comes home and takes care of her mother, goes to sleep for a little while, and then does it all over again the next day. But it is all worth it because she wants to make sure her mother is as healthy as possible. She states that while she is at work she tries to be as present as possible there and then after work is done she is completely present with her mother.



  1. Have been through the trials and tribulations of my parents. Understand. Only have one Mother. Take care of her and relish the moments.

  2. Very well said, unless you have been through it you don’t understand how much time and effort you have to put in every day. It was time well spent with my dad and my mom. They gave me what I needed as a child and a young adult. I felt it was a small payment for everything what was sacrificed and done for me. Parents are a blessing.

  3. Dorian Owens on

    Praying for you and your mom his is a 24/7 position I know completed for almost a year and was there to the end when our mom pass away. At the time I just prayed a lot and God got me through it I still had to work a full time job and I’m am a divorced mother my son is 20 know was 15 then. Proud of him he help out with the chores at our home and now he attends University of New Haven majoring in Media Communications.

  4. Jewelrymaker on

    I just lost my Mother 4 months ago. You have to take care of family especially parents. They were there for you. I quit my job to be there for my Mother and because of my participation she lived to be 96 years old. Queen keep going to those Doctor apts otherwise she might not get the proper treatments or care mind and body.

  5. Glory Mosby on

    I totally understand what Queen Latifah is goin thru because it’s the same thing I’m doing for my parents as well & I don’t mind it because the alternative is not even an option, as least not for a very, very long time from now!! It can be very hard & taxing at times but to me, it’s all worth it!! We only get one mom & one dad & I do cherish & thank God for them everyday!!! :*

  6. William Leonard on

    I can relate to this and if possible she should do all she can for her mother. The main thing you only get one mother.

  7. Daphne stewart on

    You have a beautiful mom, I did not know that was her on living single. Take care of momma I know what your going through. Love you both.
    Ms. Daphne

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