Young Women Paying Student Loans, Rent, Fancy Clothes With “dates”


By: Krystle Crossman

Life is expensive. There are groceries to be bought, rent to be paid, and college loans to pay back. All of this can be overwhelming. Many people struggle through with the paychecks that they get. There are a growing number of women however that dabble in a different type of profession in order to have their bills paid. Little by little more women are turning to being an escort or “sugaring”. Sugaring is when they find a rich man who will help to take care of them in exchange for s*x. They get the experience of having a girlfriend without actually having to have any ties or commitments. A 22-year-old woman named Miranda sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair and spoke about her life with sugaring. She said that her friends aren’t surprised anymore when they learn about what she does because it is actually quite common.

Miranda states that she got started in the business when she was hit on by an older gentleman. She told him that she wasn’t interested unless he was going to pay hist student loans. She wasn’t being serious but he offered to do just that. After thinking about it for a little while she decided to jump right in. She started meeting men on a website called Seeking Arrangement and found three different men who became regular clients. Her college loans were being paid off as were her other bills. She had her living expenses paid for and was able to buy designer clothes and accessories.

Even though she is sleeping with these three men (married men at that) she says that there is no physical attraction at all. Miranda states that she is learning a lot about the corporate world through them and it has been a great experience for her. They give her tips about the job market that she may not have otherwise learned. She says that she is also able to focus on her classes at college because she isn’t working herself at a full time job while she is in school.

Sugaring isn’t just for women either. A man named Christopher told the Vanity Fair reporter that all of the gay men that he knows are out on a site called Rent Men where they are basically rented out to “sugar daddies” in order to pay their bills. There used to be another site called Rent Boys however that on was shut down for charges of prostitution. The site being taken down raises a good question about whether this is all legal or not as prostitution is illegal in most states. Many people who are in the profession state that it should be legal and that it is their choice as to what they do with their body and whom they choose to do it with. Feminist movements do not agree with the profession at all and state that it sets women back decades because they are living by patriarchal rule.

There are websites and support groups for these women and men where they can share their stories as well as tips and tricks for landing what they refer to as a “whale”, which is an extremely wealthy man. A woman named Elisa did just that. She was put up in a penthouse in New York, given as much money as she could dream of, and was allowed to live out her days with her friends shopping and having fun. Every now and then her sugar daddy would come by, they would sleep together, and then he was back to work. She said that she even quit all of her other jobs and only does this now because it is so lucrative.



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