Your Brain: Meditation & S*x Are The Same


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After a long stressful day at work, how do you relax when you come home? Do you sit and read a book? Take a nice hot bath or do you meditate? There is a new study that suggests s*x and meditation are one and the same to your stressed our brain.

Gemma O’Brien is the lead researcher on the study. She says that people meditating and having an [email protected] are both in a state of self-unawareness and that they have an alteration in the perceptions of their body.

When you have s*x, the right side of your brain is active and clears your mind of all thoughts coming from that side. All of the day’s events evaporate from your mind and it helps you to lose any boundaries that you may have, physical or mental. When you meditate, the left side of the brain does the same thing.

Studies have found that the right hemisphere of the brain lights up during s*x, and the cortex goes almost completely dark. It is most active in a hypers*[email protected] person. The left hemisphere lights up when happy thoughts are occurring. The left hemisphere is used less in people who are depressed. With this in mind, why doesn’t the left hemisphere light up during an [email protected]?

Both activities are equally good for your health and your mind. More s*x and more meditation will lead to more serotonin and endorphins to be released. These chemicals in the brain lead to happier thoughts and a relaxed state of well-being. While it is still unclear to researchers as to why the left hemisphere lights up during s*x, one thing is for sure, both are a great way to relax!


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