Your Food Is Lying To You and Hurting You


baconBy Staff Blogger

Let’s face it, family dinners are nothing like they appear on television. There are no elaborate four course meals anymore. Who has time for it? And even if we did have time for it, that would be an overwhelming amount of food to eat.

With our busy lives there is limited time for most people to cook a from-scratch meal so we end up buying pre-cooked and pre-packaged foods. One look at the nutritional labels on these packaged foods can tell you a lot about the food that you are about to ingest.

Many packaged foods, such as bacon and pre-packaged TV dinners, are loaded with salt. Eating this much sodium in one sitting could end up making you have a long night. The more salt you eat the more bloated you get. Being bloated can sometimes be downright painful. Before you pick up those microwave dinners, check out the salt content and decide if it is really worth it. Ramen noodles, a college dorm staple, have a whopping 1,820mg of sodium in that one tiny packet of seasoning. Your average daily intake total should be 2,300mg per day or less.

If you see the word “diet” printed on the food packaging, most of the time that is just another code word for sugar. Sugar is found to be in many “diet” foods because they need something added that will help the foods taste a little better. Other codes are “Fat free” which typically means the food is full of sugar and also “sugar free” which may mean the food is full of fat or toxic artificial sweeteners.

Ah…bacon. Everyone loves bacon. Crispy and delicious and sadly loaded with nitrates. The nitrates are used to preserve the meat much like hot dogs or turkey and ham which are cured with nitrates. Unfortunately nitrates have been accused of being linked to cancer; however that is still under speculation. The ideal intake of meat is seven ounces or less per day.


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  1. In other words if you eat you are going to die.There is something wrong with everything Including water full of everyone else's meds so eat but watch how much you eat because it will kill you if you eat too much.

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