Your Healthiest, Slimmest Self In 10 Steps


fit and healthyWhen people want to get in shape and or lose weight, they tend to look for quick tips or tricks and gimmicks. The real way to lose weight is to acquire good habits that can be sustained over a long period of time, rather than as a temporary change.

The other mistake that women often make is aspiring for things that other people have or wanting to look like someone else. The truth is that we can only ever be the best version of ourselves. The following are some positive steps that you can take and the habits that will move you towards being the best version of yourself:

 1. Eat protein.

It’s essential because your body uses it for muscle and tissue repair, and it breaks down into the amino acids used to synthesize feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain responsible for good mood, s*x drive, appetite control, sleep, and regulating cravings.

Lack of quality protein is one of the most common factors I see with clients having difficulty with weight loss. They’re either eating too many grain-based foods for their physiology (and the lectins present in grains can cause inflammation that prevents weight loss), or they’re just not eating enough protein with meals, so they’re not satisfied.

Examples of quality protein are: grass fed beef and lamb; organic poultry; cage free eggs, preferably from a local farm; and wild fish. For vegetarians, legumes are not a complete source of protein, meaning they do not provide all essential amino acids, so combine with quinoa or brown rice.

2. Eat good fats.

If you are fat phobic, listen up: eating the right kinds of fat will not make you fat. You know what will? Sugar. Gluten. Processed foods (and yes, that includes your “healthy” morning boxed cereal). Good fats stoke your metabolism and encourage weight loss! Your brain is mostly fat, and your cell membranes need fat to stay permeable, allowing nutrients to enter. Good fats are coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, avocado, and fats present in organic meat. Avoid refined vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats.

3. Get some cinnamon.

This amazing and antioxidant-rich spice has a blood sugar and insulin balancing effect for stable energy and reduced hunger, and it may lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Add 1 teaspoon to your morning smoothie.

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