Your Inner Voice: How To Let It Guide You


inner voiceBy Staff Blogger

You know when you have that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong? Your body may be trying to tell you more than you think. Here are three ways that your body can help you to figure out what your instinct is and how to make a decision based on that.

1.  Your body is a guide to making decisions. If you have an important decision to make, sit in a quiet room and think for a minute. Make sure that you are nice and relaxed. Think to yourself one of the options that you have. For example, if you are thinking about moving to a new city. Ask yourself, “Should I move to a new place?” and see what happens to your body. Does your stomach tighten? Do you begin to sweat? Does your heart race? This could indicate that you are scared of this decision and that it may not be right for you. If you feel a fluttering in your stomach, like butterflies, it may be a good decision because you are excited at the thought of something new.

2.  Danger Will Robinson! Your body is great at being a detector of danger. If you are in a situation that you may not be comfortable with, your body will tell you that you should probably leave. Your muscles may become tense, your pulse will quicken, you will begin to sweat or breathe heavily. This is almost a sure sign that it’s time to leave whatever situation you are in. Sometimes your body will react this way because of a past incident where there was trauma.

3. Stress detection is another thing your body is good at showing you. Take a moment when you think you are about to become overly stressed. Is your gut tight and clenched? Are you breathing hard? Are you having trouble focusing on thoughts? These are all good signs that you are headed to a bad place and that it’s time to relax and calm down.

Learn to listen to your body and trust that what it is telling you can help you to do what is best for you.


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