Your Kitchen: 6 Low-Cal Must Haves


Strawberry-Banana-SmoothieBy Staff Blogger

Every kitchen should have some key ingredients, but here are six low calorie foods that you should always keep stocked:

1.  Komatsuna: This is an Asian leafy green vegetable that is packed full of vitamins and minerals. It is much like kale and spinach. You can eat it raw in a salad or sauté it with garlic and onions, or put it in soup.

2.   Applesauce: Not only is this a great snack for kids and adults, but did you know it can be used in baking as well? You can use it to replace butter or margarine in baking recipes such as muffins so it will reduce the fat.

3.  Olive Oil: Take a spray bottle and put one part olive oil and five parts water in. This will serve as a cooking spray that you can use and will eliminate the need for butter or fatty cooking sprays. Keep it in a cool, dry place in your kitchen.

4.  Greek Yogurt: This delicious treat is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. If you use it in recipes that call for sour cream you can reduce up to 150 calories from the recipe. It has a tangy but sweet taste that works well in many different recipes and is great for an everyday snack. It is also great in dips and pasta sauces.

5.  Whole grains: Whether it be quinoa, whole grain spaghetti, or brown rice, whole grains are an excellent food to keep in your kitchen. You can add them to most dishes, place them on a salad, and even top them with fruit for a healthy meal.

6.  Bananas: This fruit packs a potassium filled punch. Potassium is good for your heart and your muscles. You can put bananas on cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, or you can add them to a smoothie to cut the bitter flavor of other ingredients such as kale.


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