Your Medical Problems May Be Caused By The Bullies at Your Job


no bullyBy Staff Blogger

Because of the diversity in its forms, there has been a major focus on bullying across the country, in recent years. Not only are children being bullied, but adults are too. Workplace bullying can make someone hate a job they would otherwise love. It happens to many people and can start with something as small as a dirty look and escalates from there.

Here are some signs that you are being bullied at work:

– You want to throw up at the thought of going in to work
– Your doctor notices that you have been having heath problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.
– All of your vacation time has been used for “mental health days” instead of a real vacation.
– Days are unproductive. You are exhausted and emotionally drained and the last thing you want to do is work around the house.
– Things that you once found fun don’t seem like fun at all anymore.

If you aren’t being bullied at work, look for the signs of being a bully yourself:

– There is a large number of people who are either transferring to a different department not headed by you or they are quitting altogether.
– You can’t seem to train anyone properly.
– You have to remind everyone that you’re the boss.

If you are being bullied, here are some ways that you can gain your power back:

– Identify the bullying. You know the signs, now just watch carefully.
– Bully-proof yourself by staying away from those who are bullying or speak with a mental health professional.
– Expose that bully. Make sure that everyone knows who they are and what they do.

Make sure that you let someone in upper management or HR know that someone is bullying you.



  1. Great advice if things were only so simple!!! Often, the bullies are in upper management or they ignore the problem and allow the workplace to become toxic or use the bully to do what they really want to do but need to be insulated from blame!!

    Workplace bullying is systemic in our culture and it is rampant and WE ALLOW it to happen because some of us love to be part of the “in crowd” and see absolutely nothing wrong with contempt being hurled towards others as long as we are not on the receiving end!!

    I have been bullied in just about every position I have had since summer work programs in high school and college. And, sadly, too many instances have come about because of the incompetence and unprofessionalism allowed to permeate the environment where those who were “about the business of doing work” were seen as “goody two shoes” whose only mission was to make those who were indolent and unprofessional look bad and, after all, if you cared about your work and produced a great product or maintained stellar work habits, you became the proverbial “victim” and a target for harassment.

    This causes the worst kind of stress that one can imagine and the workplace becomes a warzone rather than a place to conduct business or carry out the organization’s mission. And, that is the real shame because the mission suffers, clients suffer and the business does not live up to its creed or potential. Also, there may be a lot of chaos and turnover and this is not ideal for the retention and recruitment of the best and brightest workers!!

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