Your [email protected]: A Lesson on Your “Pink Parts”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

As a woman, you may think you know all you need to know about your girly parts, but there are some myths out there that should be cleared up!

1. It smells bad: We see commercials all the time for feminine hygiene products that may lead us to believe that the smell of our [email protected] is repulsive. In all actuality, we each have our own scent and it is different from day to day depending on when you have taken a shower, what you ate, how hot it is that day. The truth is that the musky smell down there is actually something that men are hard-wired to be attracted to. It doesn’t smell like roses down there, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying things such as [email protected] sex.

2. Every one of them looks the same: While they all have the same basic shape every woman is different. There could be different coloring, different pub!c hair patterns, and different symmetry. The one thing that is truly unique to every woman is the size and shape of the [email protected] minora. Studies have shown that there could be up to an inch and a half difference from one woman to the next.

3. It is too tight or too loose: Unless you have never had s*x or had multiple large babies the natural way, all [email protected] are pretty much shaped equally. If you are feeling like it is too loose or too tight down there, it is most likely a matter of lubrication, not size. If you feel that things are too loose, it is most likely because there is less friction due to more lubrication. If it is too tight, you may be too dry, so keep some lube handy. If you are always feeling like things are too loose, try doing some Kegel exercises to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor.

4. Things like tampons can get lost up there: NO. The [email protected] is not an endless tube that ends up in your stomach. You have a cerv!x at the end of the [email protected] canal that only sp*rm can pass through because the hole is so small. So don’t worry, anything that is put up there can easily be taken out.

Now that we have cleared those myths up, let’s take a look at the anatomy that you are working with here. Have you ever stood or sat in front of a mirror while you are naked and really taken a look at what you have going on down there? The first thing that you will see is the pub!c mound and the outer lips called the [email protected] majora. This protects all of your lady bits that are hidden inside. If you open the [email protected] majora, you will see a smaller set of lips which are the [email protected] minor and you will also see the cl!toris. To the naked eye, the inner lips may look like they have tiny bumps on them, but these are actually blood vessels, nerve endings, and secreting glands. If you spread those apart you will expose the Bartholin’s glands, however you cannot see these because they are microscopic. They secrete fluids to make pen*tration easier.

One of the most important parts of your pub!c area is the cl!toris. It is there only for your pleasure. The cl!toris contains over 8,000 little nerve endings. This is double the amount of nerve endings that are found on the pen!s and also the most number of nerve endings anywhere in your body. While you can only see a small, pencil eraser sized bump, there are actually two legs to the cl!toris as well. They are wishbone shaped and go inside the body. They are called the crura and they wrap around the [email protected] and end up at the G-spot. The head of the cl!toris can become overstimulated and the feeling could actually almost be painful, so the cl!toris will hide underneath the cl!toral hood. This is your cue to focus on the other pleasure spot.

Inside the [email protected] wall, there is a spongy area one to two inches up and this is the G-spot. It is hard to reach sometimes, and many people don’t even know it is there, but when you do find it, you will see the rewards. There is fatty tissue that covers the nerve endings here, so you need a little more tough love to get this one going. In order for it to swell so that you can properly feel it, you have to be sufficiently turned on. Work in tandem with a little cl!toral stimulation and you could be up for a wild night.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight and a better appreciation for your girly parts. Treat them well and they will do the same for you.




  1. Must lead ourselves, we must learn to get more familiar with our private parts so that our partners don’t have to be mind readers to know what turns us on, she didn’t mention the orgasmic platform that is right underneath the clitoris (the man in the boat with the hood)so to speak, I wish we were more comfortable in our own skins and we are the universal Goddesses because,we are endowed with adequate equipment/ tools for pleasure, we just don’t appreciate it, because we are so busy running away from ourselves, self hate again blinds us. We can wake and learn to love ourselves in a way that would help us not be so dependent on others for our own pleasures

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