Yuck: Biology Teacher Loses Her Job After Her Students Share Needles In Her Class


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

An experiment with blood quickly turned into a dangerous situation at Overhills High School. The biology teacher, Miyoshi McMillan has been fired because of the experiment. She took the lancets from the experiment in the first class and saved them for five students in the second class to use. Reusing needles is a very dangerous game that should not be played, especially with children.

There were some students that opted out of the experiment with blood and they were given a writing assignment instead. One student noticed what was happening to the lancets and told her parents immediately. The parents then went to the proper authorities at the school and told them as well.

The assistant principals of the school stormed into the class and put the experiment to a complete halt. She was fired that same day to which she said was an overreaction on the school’s part. While the lancets had been swabbed with rubbing alcohol that only gives you a minor wall to protect against blood-borne pathogens, rubbing alcohol does not kill the virus that causes HIV. If one of these students had HIV it could easily be passed on through blood to blood contact.

A notice was sent home with the children to alert the parents and to have them schedule an appointment with their primary care doctors to get tested as soon as possible. McMillan believes that all the hype is a ploy to make her look bad. The North Carolina teacher says that she was unjustly fired. She said that she was pretty sure that the students would be fine. What would you want done if you found out that this situation had manifested itself in the school where your daughter or son goes?



  1. Yes this is a crime!!Sharing Needles Too Dangerous! How is she going to determine that the students would be fine!! If my kid went to this school I would be highly upset with this situation and would go to the authorities!! Definitely!!!!

  2. All teachers are required to submit lesson plans to their administrators ahead of time. Where were the assistant principals then?! If they were doing their jobs, this could have been prevented. #ChecksAndBalances.

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