Yuck: New Drug With Flesh Eating Bacteria Effect Is In Circulation


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Some drug addicts will try anything to get a high these days. There is a new drug that is circulating in the US that is called Krokodil. It is dangerous, potent, and rots your body from the inside out. It looks much like a flesh-eating bacterial disease. Two sisters in Chicago are telling their chilling story about the effects of the drug and warning others not to try it.

Reports of this new drug appearing in the US began just a few weeks ago. The two sisters, Amber and Angela Neitzel, say that it starts out looking like a small cigarette burn. Then it turns purple. A few days later it gets bigger and turns into a blister. There have only been five cases that have been diagnosed thus far. The Neitzel sisters thought that they were injecting heroin, which they were addicted to.

Angela ended up getting gangrene. It was so severe that she had to go in for emergency surgery and narrowly avoided losing both of her legs. One doctor says that skin grafts are required and people end up losing limbs and sometimes their lives.

Other doctors have said that it is not necessarily the Krokodil that is causing these infections. It is too new to really understand all of the effects. They said that they have seen these types of infections with regular intravenous drug users. They share dirty needles and end up getting horrible infections in their blood stream as a result.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Field Division of the DEA has said that they are investigating the drug but have not confirmed that it has made an appearance in Illinois.



  1. Saw this on the news, drugs is something I don’t understand! It seems drug addicts will ingest anything into their bodies for that one second high! I remember back in the sixties when Mary Jane was so popular, the parties where that one cigarette was passed around to everyone, they always called me a chicken because I refused it but today I am so damn glad I was a chicken! It seems one thing just leads to another!

  2. Alcohol is not bad unless its being abused… This krokodil ‘ish and heron amongst other things are what people need to watch out for.. This new drug is the beginning of a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPS!

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