Yuck: Signs You May Have Lice & How To Avoid Infestation



By Staff Blogger

You can’t stop scratching your head. You feel like there is something crawling on your scalp. The itch will not stop. These are some of the most common signs that you have head lice. This nasty little parasite can bring chaos to your scalp and the scalps of everyone around you. If you aren’t sure, here are some facts about lice you may not know and may help you prevent getting them.

1. The most common symptom is itching. The bites from the lice cause a small allergic reaction on your skin which causes the itching sensation. You may not initially notice any signs that you have lice for up to six weeks of your first infestation.

2. There are three different types of lice: Head lice, body lice, and pubic lice.

3. Other symptoms will begin to appear such as a tingling or crawling sensation on the skin, red bumps, and sores from the intense scratching. You may also notice the appearance of white spots in your hair that are hard to brush out. These are the lice eggs, they are called nits.

4. The itch could be caused by other things such as dandruff or eczema, so it’s important to check the hair thoroughly. Part the hair and use a bright light to go over the scalp to check for nits or adult lice.

5. Head lice are extremely contagious. Make sure that if you find you have them, throw your hairbrush out, sanitize your sheets, and make sure that every spot that your head has touched is sanitized. You can prevent getting lice from others by not sharing brushes.

6. Tell your child to avoid letting their head touch another child’s head at school. Avoiding contact with lice in a school is almost impossible but it is good to try and prevent them from spreading.

7. To get rid of lice, use a lice shampoo kit such as Rit or get a prescription from a doctor.

8. If you aren’t sure if you or your family has lice, make an appointment with your family doctor as they have a special light that helps them find the nits.


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