Yuck: There is a Good Chance You’re Regularly Eating Beaver [email protected] Secretions


By: Krystle Crossman

Every day we eat food and most of us don’t look at the ingredients and really look into them to see what they mean. You may be surprised (and maybe a little grossed out) to find out what exactly it is that you have been eating.

1. Known as L-Cysteine on ingredient lists, human hair is regularly used in food items such as bagels, cakes and other bakery items. The compound L-Cysteine that is found in hair is used as a flavor enhancer.

2. Propylene Glycol is used as a thickening agent that is found in most salad dressings. This is the same compound that is used as anti-freeze for your car.

3. If you have ever eaten caviar you may notice an ingredient listed called E285. This is something that is banned from food in the US but imported caviar can still have it. What you are eating is Borax. This home cleaning agent is put into caviar as a preservative.

4. We all love vanilla flavored things such as French vanilla coffee, vanilla frosting, and vanilla cake. Do you know where that flavoring may come from? It is something called castoreum which is a liquid that is used as a substitute for vanilla flavoring. It comes from the [email protected] glands of a beaver. Yum.

5. Your favorite citrus-flavored soda may have something in it called BVO. This is brominated vegetable oil which is a flame retardant that is used for furniture. High levels of this have been tied to early onset puberty.

6. Food coloring sounds innocent enough but not once you know what it is actually made of. Coal tar is one of the most common sources for the food coloring that is in your food. The use of coal tar has been phased out slowly but they are now replacing it with oil which is just as bad.

7. Sand is used in foods such as salts and soups. It is called silicon dioxide. It is mostly used as an anti-clumping agent.

8. Butylated hydroxytoluene is an additive that is used in jet fuel and is also put into your cereal. It is meant to preserve the cereal so it stays fresh and crispy longer.

9. One of the worst additives into food, especially chicken nuggets, is TBHQ (Tertiary butylhydroquinone). It is an additive in biodiesel and is also found in nail polish, bubble gum, and cheese crackers. It is toxic and one gram of it could make you sick.



  1. Is there any wonder the medical field is booming? They are slowly killing us, first feed us things that make us sick and then put us on drugs that lead to all kinds of other things including death.

  2. I watch for all that stuff and avoid them and all preservatives AND SMOKED MEAT!! Also, tbhq is used in chocolate so be careful women and only buy Godiva or Ghirildelli Luxe Milk all natural. Y’all buy expensive shoes clothes and cars, spend the money and put good stuff in your body. Also, drop the pork and if you eat beef, buy only grass fed along with free range chicken. Cascade Farms and Kashi along with Post Raisin bran are good cereals. Read the label, if you can’t pronounce to word chances are you don’t want it in you body. Plus take a food and nutrition class if you can. Oh I forgot drop the regular lunch meat and get Hormel All natural, no nitrate or nitrite added which are preservatives. Tell subway that. Eat only wild caught fish with SCALES!! Eat to live..Hotep

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