Yuck: Why Do Americans Eat Meat Products Other Countries Have Banned?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We eat very differently in America than people in other countries. We need everything mass produced. The bigger, the better right? Most of the meat that we consume on a daily basis is riddle with hormones due to the fact that the animals that the meat came from are pumped full of hormones to make them bigger. The bigger the animal is, the more meat they can get from it, the more profit they make. In overseas countries this practice has been deemed unsafe for humans and meat taken from a hormone-filled animal is banned. The FDA says it is okay for us to be eating this meat but is it really?

Ever since 1993, other countries have banned meat that comes from cows that have been given hormones. They have also banned chickens that have been washed with chlorine before they are packaged (this gets rid of any of the pathogens that they pick up from other birds they are with in their pens).

These practices extend beyond meat as well. There are certain fruits and veggies that are genetically altered so that they are bigger and prettier. You will want to buy these fruits over the natural ones, but do you know what you are eating? Many other countries have banned things such as food dye, bromated flour (which is used while baking), among other additives that we eat every day in our food.

The reason that meat suppliers use the hormones is to make sure that there is enough to meet the demands of the consumer. The additives that are added to food help to preserve it so that it has a longer shelf life. The FDA will look at the foods and weigh the risk versus the demands that need to be met.



  1. Probably bcuz they aren’t aware that the meat has been banned in other countries yet allowed by this government to be sold here. That’s ur tax dollars at work via the FDA. Remember that campaign slogan, ‘change we can depend on’. Yeah, right … more like business as usual. The gov’t protects the interests of the big AgriBusiness and Meat industries while putting the health of the ppl at risk.

  2. I’m sure this also plays into the fact that so many people in the USA are over weight but they won’t tell you this! I pay more but I try and pick out meats and fowl that have no antibiotics or hormones in them.

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