Yuck: Why This Woman Sucks on Dirty Pee-filled Diapers


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

The television show “My Strange Addiction” has shown some pretty interesting addictions that people have. A woman named Keyshia who is 22 years old has possibly one of the more disgusting addictions. She likes to suck on dirty diapers.

Keyshia said that she developed a taste for urine soaked diapers in 2011. Since then she has estimated that she has sucked on nearly 25,000 diapers. That is enough diapers for the lives of six babies. Her fiancé Jerome says that she leaves them lying around everywhere, including inside dishes. He complains to her and tells her to pick them up but she just tells him it’s as easy as washing the dishes. Sometimes she will be so desperate for a fix that she will root around in the garbage for a diaper.

Her fiancé has tried to help her to get her to stop, but he said she will stop at nothing to get her fix. She will store the diapers in her purse and all over her house. She says that the more pee that there is in the diaper, the better it is for her. She loves the smell of it. She said that she even sucks on one while she is cooking in the kitchen, as if it were her favorite pastime.

What could make someone have such a strange addiction? There is no answer to this yet. Her fiancé is getting more and more fed up by the day, especially since she is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child. He is not sure how to stop her. She has been taking dirty diapers from friends, family, and even strangers. One has to wonder if she got pregnant just so she would have a fresh supply of diapers!

What are some strange addictions you’ve seen or heard of?



  1. Brenda Whitaker on

    This should make her sick.it make me want to throw up just by thinking about it. “yuck” I know her breath stinks. Lol

  2. I watched the show. Crazy stuff. I thought Hoarders was the worse show ever and then comes My Strange Addiction. Her boyfriend is just as stupid as she. Both of them should be banished to North Brothers Island.

  3. I don’t believe this, Psychologist would love to get a hold of her. It’s evident this woman needs counseling … if this is true.

  4. Don’t believe it ,if this is true she should be put in a mental facility.And what kind of man would want to be with a woman that sucks pee from diapers? He must be nuts too.

  5. Drinking urine is a ancient Asian ritual. promoting good health, I remember my grandmother taking babies diapers and washing the babies face with them very good for skin. If you’re really interested in educating yourself look up urine therapy. Urine is one of the most sterile substances in your body.

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