Aisha Tyler Unable To Conceive; Sad Because Husband “Would Be Such a Great Father”


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By: Krystle Crossman

Aisha Tyler is best known for being the comedic relief on the show The Talk. Unfortunately not everything in life is fun and games for her and her husband, Jeff Tietjens. Tyler revealed on the show on Tuesday that she would never be able to conceive a child.


The idea for the show that day was to have all of the co-hosts to tell a secret that they had never told anyone before. Sharon Osbourne told about her fling with Jay Leno. This shocked everyone, but it was not as emotionally moving as Aisha’s secret.


The 42 year old actress told everyone about how once she went off of birth control and they began trying to conceive a baby, nothing happened. They finally went to the doctor to get checked out and she found out that she had a torturous fallopian tube. It makes it hard for the sp*rm to reach the egg in order to fertilize it. The doctor said that they should think about IVF but even then she would only have a 5% chance of having a baby.


They decided to go through the process anyway. There were many shots, many appointments, and still no baby. Tyler says that the hardest part about all of it is the fact that her husband would make a great father, and it kills her that she cannot give him that chance. They are not yet thinking about whether they will adopt or not since the news about her infertility is so new. She wants time for them to let it sink in and then they will see where they are going to go from there.



  1. 42 is way to old to have a first child. My husband and I had our first child at 22.We got married when I was 18. I’m 40 now and he’s 44 there is no way I want to have another kid at this time in our lives. Also we have 3 great,and good looking kids

  2. Cherri Forrester on

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  3. @ James Alexander. Him being white has nothing to do with it and that’s an ignorant comment. Now you feel better if she was unable to conceive and her husband was black? There are plenty of couples who are the same race that can’t have kids, I know a few of them personally.

  4. Race has nothing to do with having a baby. If it’s meant for her and husband to have a child, they will. They can always use a surrogate.

  5. Gregory c Hamblet on

    There are thousands of young African American kids looking for a good home. Her husband could have many opportunities to prove how good he would be as a father.

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  7. A family member of mines was told at the age 17 she would not be able to have kids by doctors she is now married with 6 kids she spent time with God did a lot of fasting so when man say no God says yes You have to speak those things as if they are speak it into the atomsphere Im praying for you

  8. LGod is in control the god I serve moves mountains.they told my wife the same thing and guess what we ket believeing and praying and we had a2 children after that a boy and a girl both healthy .amen..

  9. I would be Glad to be Surrogate, For her and her husband. Wish, I can have twin for them, but GOD Have the final say. Look what he did for Abraham and Sarah. Not is Impossible for My Father and yours.