Alcohol Before Exercising: How Bad Is It?


dumbellsBy Staff Blogger

It is fun to go out for a night, drink with friends, and have a good time. How does this affect your workout for the next day? Do you ever have a drink right before you work out? Alcohol before a workout is not great for you, but do you know how bad it really is?

If you have gone to happy hour but you still want to go to spin class, think again. Drinking impairs your balance and coordination, even if you think you haven’t had that much to drink. Research has shown that bartenders overpour by 42% so you are drinking a lot more than you think you are. Hop on the bike once you are sober because having alcohol in your system will make you go slower and burn less calories anyway.

Did you go out with friends the night before, have a really good time, and now it’s 7 a.m. and you don’t want to go work out? Suck it up buttercup! Exercise will increase your blood flow to the kidneys and the liver and will help to flush the booze out. You may not be at your best or be able to do a normal workout, but it’s a great hangover cure.

Some events such as a brew-to-brew race can take a toll on you. Be smart while you are taking that next brew. Stick to one beer while you are running on the course. It’s not about competing with others. Women should be careful when trying to match men in their drinking abilities as women feel the effects of alcohol faster than men do. Run the race for now with only one in you so you don’t get injured and then after that you may drink as much as you want!


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