Amidst America’s Viral Pandemic, This Jamaican-Born Woman Created an Organic Immune-Booster


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Photo credits: Facebook

The new novel coronavirus that causes the deadly COVID-19 respiratory disease took the world by storm after it began spreading rapidly from a meat-selling merchant district inside China’s Wuhan province late last year.

By early 2020, the infectious reach of this COVID-19-causing virus had extended beyond China and the entire Asian continent. It became classified by many global health administrations as a full-blown pandemic by March 2020. The national health administrations inside the U.S. took note and the American nation’s leaders acted to curtail the economic impact of the virus.

Fast-forward to June 2020 and reality has revealed a new paradigm, which places the U.S. at the top of the world’s list of countries with the highest COVID-19-related casualty count. In this so-called modernized Western nation, a primitively-conducted retail frenzy ensued, which showcased an army of panicked U.S.-based consumers who had to quarantine their way to survival.

The mass stockpiling of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other essential household items overwhelmed merchants and unfortunate consumers who could not keep up with the frenetic pace of a national economic tornado. COVID-19’s financial impact on America has been well-documented. But there was one essential product that remained full on retailer’s shelves: Immune boosters.

Kerian Brown (pictured right) is a resident of Washington state in the U.S. Originally born in Jamaica, Brown is an undergraduate degree holder who attended the University of Washington. While completing her studies there, Brown became a licensed real estate broker and registered agent of Century 21 North Homes Realty, Inc.

More recently, Brown has added another element to her entrepreneurial mission by starting a Caribbean-inspired brand of immune-boosting products. Brown’s Jamaican Natural Elixir is available and for sale online now via Shopify. This reasonably-priced organic health supplement is a great way for anyone to treat an infectious disease, which attacks the body’s immune system.

“The products I used to make the concoction are ginger, turmeric, honey, lemon, and garlic,” Brown told us exclusively.

“I was once even exhibiting flu-like symptoms as well and I drank a tablespoon of my product every morning and it helped me. I won’t go so far as to say that my immune-boosting elixir is a coronavirus cure. But a friend of mine who’s a nurse said she contracted COVID-19. She also said using my natural health product helped her through it,” Brown added.

To purchase Kerian Brown’s Jamaican Natural Elixir, please visit this link.


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