Are Black Women Ashamed Of Their Natural Hair?


Black women have beautiful hair, we know that, but there are times when we are made to feel bad about who we are, how we look and how we behave.   This video explores the issue in a way that we thought you might find to be interesting.

From YouTube:

This video is a short video with four young women talking “Black Hair”. Its part of the Black Hair Series and a reaction video to the popular video “What Black men think About Black women’s Hair?”

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  1. Of course black women are ashamed of their hair. That’s one reason why they are quick to sew in a stupid looking weave. Another reason is laziness. It takes a lot of work to take care of a black woman’s hair and the majority of black women are lazy.

  2. yea we need a black hair convention. seriously we do, our black hair are like a #satellite always searching and gathering but we don’t know this as yet because we came straight out of slavery then we choose to go back into slavery without doing a real assessment pertaining to what we really are as black people how valuable we are. us blacks are the only race of people that don’t have straight hair go figure, shouldn’t this alone tell us something. it tells me that we are very important and there need to be research to find out the true meaning of us. god bless my people.

  3. I think all black women shld go natural. Watch what happens to the black men when women make the switch. Good things.

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  5. Not all black women are ashame I am a 45 year old black woman I have never wore weave nor do I intend to.. but I dont knock other females for wearing hair they do it for different reasons, I am happy with self but I dont Judge..

  6. Surely we would not want the secret to get out that the first human, God created, was given a natural and
    that is why we are the only one with it.

    • Sure they do that’s why you see so many of them with these silly wigs and weaves with hair running down their backs. Then they talk about a Black man wanting a White woman, please. I don’t want any Black woman who needs a wig to complete her look along with excessive make up, fake eye lashes, fake this fake that. They’re going to have to take that wig off at some point and when they do that’s what you really have and are stuck with. And it’s usually something very ugly. As soon as I see that wig I want nothing to do with them and don’t let me forget all those silly Ghetto tats some of them think is so cute which it isn’t it’s tacky and immediately tells me she has a ghetto mentality. Like this pathetic Nee Nee Leakes and the likes off nothing but pure Ghetto Trash. If that’s what Black women are headed for and it seems that way give me a White woman or another ethnicity any day of the week and leave these vulgar trashy Ghetto queens right where they belong, “In The Ghetto”.

      • truthspks, obviously, you do not know that weaves started with other ethnicities; the Black woman simply followed. Ask your Mother. Sadly, if you are a black man and feel the hostility expressed, you hate yourself and your mother. Silky hair and any other physical characteristic foreign to you will not make you whole. There first premise is to love yourself and those who look like you. Black hair, skin, full lips, full hips, and attitude are the envy around the world. There are billion dollar industries creating those features on others who were not blessed by birth with them. Ask Kim K and Coco!

  7. most of us black men don’t even know what our woman look like because when we meet them they are wearing weaves and this goes on forever, always covered up and cant see there real natural beauty. black woman should start appearing real so people could take them more serious and stop with this clone would they feel if there men came home wearing a weave every day? under those weaves are the most beautiful woman on earth ,dun talk.

  8. No I am not ashamed of my hair I just do not have the time to deal with it.
    we live in a fast pace society, I want to sleep a little longer in the mornings. Blow drying is not good if I plan on wearing just my hair.
    the hair shop crowded and is a all day thing.

    Their have not been enough products created for Black hair. There are so many textures of Black hair. the best product I have used for my coarse thick kinky hair is coconut oil.
    I was ashamed when my husband had to help me detangle and cut out the knotted hair when I do not take care of it. He has a softer texture than I, he suggested I must wear it natural, he did not like the perms and my stay at the hairdresser all day. Thank goodness he loves my hips not my hair. He said that was the first thing he notice my “kistsa”.

  9. @louis daye, we are the most different (only people on the planet with kinky hair) is because when God made Adam, the first man, he made a BLACK MAN. White skin, blue, green, hazel eyes, etc, are recessive traits, and make no mistake about it, God didn’t make the original man with recessive traits. Adam couldn’t have been a white man, no white man with little or no melanin can produce offspring with more melanin, unless he mates with someone with more melanin. In other words, white can only create white, but BLACK can produce VARIETY. African genetic diversity is a scientific fact. We aren’t different per se, the other races are “different”. We are God’s original blueprint. And yes, God (Jesus) is BLACK. He HAS to be if he created man in his own image. The Bible is OUR story, you will realize all we go through lies in what we did (and didn’t do) in the Bible. We are God’s chosen. There’s a REASON why the African continent is blessed, but we don’t eat the fruit thereof b/c we’ve bought into the lies, and propaganda of the VERY JEALOUS gentiles. This has all been prophesied though, their time is running out, Jesus won’t return until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled. Take heart, just follow Jesus (I dare you to google the earliest images of him) and you shall be even more blessed that you are. Have a wonderful day!

  10. From a dating and matchmaking point of view. Black men are attracted to the real you. I remember wearing wigs and all that stuff my husband finally said baby you are more gorgeous without all that stuff. I laughed and true enough other male suitors start saying I love a confident woman who is happy with herself and I can run my fingers through her hair. It is so freeing. But you do have to learn to work with the kinks because it can be challenging. I wish we could go on strike from being Black Barbies.

  11. The answer is yes! In this society, the man typically does the choosing so it’s no surprise when a man can have the best house, the best car and the best wine that he chooses what he perceives as the “best woman” and you can be sure that the best woman is not some “nappy-headed”, dark-skinned, thick lipped, wide-nosed (“nigger”) woman that looks like his mother or aunts. Due to his adopting racist (Eurocentric/white) standards of beauty, he perceives that the best woman has “long silky hair”, an aquiline or pointy nose, “fair”/light skin and blue or green eyes. He’s often a self-hating, racist black man. Again, that “love is colorblind” is a bunch of crap! And black women fry and dye their hair for the same reasons.

  12. Google “violent black females going Ghetto’…Black females have much bigger issues than their unmanageable brillo hair.

    Black females cohabitation with black males is only about 33%. Blacks need a homeland in America…so they can be masters of their own destiny. White people are , always hv been the beautiful and intelligent people. Blacks will NEVER be like white people…so STOP TRYING

  13. Peter D. Slaughter on

    Overall,this is old news.
    We can take a good look as to how much money so many spend on making sure their hair is not nappy or kinky.
    Many seem to forget as why the black woman on a plantation would wear a rag around their hair.
    The slavemaster wife or the husband would tell themcover your head,while they made certain ones comb the hair of the wife of a slavemaster.
    Look real close at some of the classic slave plantation pictures when a black woman was combing a slavemaster wife hair

  14. legallychisis on

    I definitely am not, been natural since high school when I decided to kick the perm. However I’m so sick of BW being overly scrutinized for every flipping thing we decide to do. So what if a woman wears a weave it’s her freaking prerogative! Are we constantly questioning other races as to why the color, perm or wear weave? Hell no we don’t!! Let bw be free to do whatever the hell she desires without explanation bcz none is due anyone!!

    • BW the only women wearing silky yaki. If white women was sewing afro hair in their head you would have an argument, yalls perogative to wear that ugly sheit our perogative to call yall self hating. Keeping it real yall look silly with that long flowing sheit in yalls head, never saw a good weave and yall look pathetic twisting and shaking that sheit like yal white. Somma yall got motherland features, big nose, big lips, low forehead, dark skin that yaki weave dont match your features, plus forreal Ive sat next to women with weave and yall head stank becuz yall dont wash your hair, that’s nasty.

  15. I wore a natural in the ’60s when we were expressing our black pride. It was a time for learning to love natural selves, not what other people’s standard of beauty was. It was a time for some to venture deeper into metaphysics, meditation, and love of who we were on the inside. When we became confident in ourselves, we were more interested in economic freedom than giving our money to others. We supported black hair care products and black businesses, keeping it in the family, so to speak. I was one of the first to wear braid extensions back in the ’80s amid strange looks until I realized it pulled and damaged my hair. Wigs are stylish today and makes much sense for those who don’t have time or money to look well groomed and are confident enough to don one like a hat. Most men appreciate women who present themselves with a “neat” appearance from head to toe. A short ‘fro underneath can be very sexy and carefree when you have the courage to switch or when your main squeeze wants to run his fingers through your hair. Personally, I don’t believe in being a slave of style(and making others rich), I’d rather flaunt what God gave me because I love and accept ALL of me and THAT determines how others accept or reject me; not that I care about how they feel anyway!!!

  16. sheree gatling-alston on

    It’s crazy that something as natural as hair provoke strong feeling and debate. We;re even at each other! Where is the debate on white women’s hair? UGH!!! Blacks were taught and taunted for natural features during slavery(dark skin vs light skin straight wavy or curly hair vs coarse kinky hair) The beauty icons of yesteryear had European features. It still the same for the most part. I have heard some men say that they would rather have a woman natural and a lot of them don’t like it. In the workplace natural hair is becoming more acceptable but it still isn’t the norm. So what do some of us do?? We try and look like we think is pleasing and acceptable. My grandmother told me that if you didn’t pass the comb test you had to go to a particular church. This wasn’t a hundred years ago either. Not to mention how media seems to set the standard for beauty especially in this country. I have been relaxer free for three years as well as my daughters. For me it had to do with an awakening of the new me. Defined by what is best for me. I once dated a guy who was so hair conscience that he wore me out. He was always reflecting on my hair sometimes not being shiny enough or when was it going to grow back! UGH!!! We as Black females have been taught over the years decades etc to think the way we do about our hair by well meaning family members the community at large. I feel like with most things in our community until we start to value each other and look to ourselves about our own lives and stop letting others dictate to us and not look to others or try and assimilate in regards even to how we raise our kids etc the debate and politics about hair will rage on. I think it should be a personal choice based on health and what that individual feels they need and not a political one.

    • White women aint wearing nappy weave they dont want our hair, BW wear staight hair, they want hair like white women, white women dont want afro hair.


  17. Know Thyself on

    Forced integration has made alot of us ashamed of self. Look how we don’t wear the Afrikan Garb, names, lifestyles etc. If we don’t know it, at least find and study it–we do it for their religion, etc…

    • Wearing African garb does not make you any more Black. I’m so sick of hearing Blacks talk about Africa. I was born and raised here in America and am proud of my up bringing and experiences that have made me who I am today, a Black American. I’ve never been to Africa and to be quite honest I have no desire what so ever to go. We have very little in common with Africans other than our past heritage and it’s good to know our history of course but we Black Americans are different. We have our own culture here that we’ve developed over hundreds of years and it has absolutely nothing to do with Africans. And I have no problem with that, I’m a Black American not African.

  18. I don’t wear weave but I also don’t rock my natural hair. I keep my hair relaxed and straight. For me it’s a style choice. What irritates me is people telling me I’m ashamed of being black because I use a relaxer. How I wear my hair is my business. I don’t knock weaves nor naturals and no one has the right to knock what I wear either.

  19. Yall gotta listen to Tommy Sotomayor going off on the negro-peans and euro-blacks who wear hai and all that long silky weave that look stupid on you all, team natural!

  20. Black women are the only women who can wear their hair in a myriad of styles: happy nappy, straight, or in between. No one else can do so. Yes, we have beautiful hair and it does not need to be diluted with European straightness to be beautiful. If it is properly cared for, no one can match our beauty – just look at Lupita Nyongo. Of course, we still have a lot of conditioning about what beauty is – left over from days of darkness. Remember the commercial that had a long haired blond woman flinging her hair while the voice over asked, “wouldn’t you rather be a blond?” My answer was always, “NO!” If your mother is Black, love your Blackness!

  21. sheree gatling-alston on

    some of us are still bound by chains in our minds. white women wear weave (and in different textures)they call them extensions and they chemically control their locks as well (permanent wave or straightend) before forced integration black women were straightening and using vigorol before the modern relaxers and weaves were available. slavery illegally may be over but there are many who are still slaves in their minds. no excuses. to deny that it had no effect is delusional. it is nobody’s business how women choose to wear their hair whether it be full wig press and curl weave relaxer etc or why whether it is a self image issue healthy hair incentive assimilation issue or a style choice. there are so many other issues to address why does hair have to be politicized in our community? we can’t seem to get together for issues that involve things that involve government in our community or how to rid our neighborhoods of senseless killings and teen pregnancy better schools etc and we are divided over hair. SMH there is no good hair or bad hair. it’s hair whether its coming out of your roots or come from somebody elses it hair. because in the final analysis it is a matter of choice.

  22. I remember my mother telling me about the NAACP giving Miss Cicely Tyson a hard time about wearing a afro. They ordered her to straighten her hair and she refused.

    She said, I am sick and tired of being burned by hot combs and other straighteners and told them to mind their business.

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