Author Gessie Thompson Introduces the Woman Who Erased 50 Fibroids Without Surgery


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Essence Magazine

In the United States, approximately 26 million black women are affected by fibroids. These are abnormal, benign growths that build up in a woman’s uterus.

In most cases, fibroids cause no pain and most women are not aware that they have them. However, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), around 80 percent of women of all races in America have them by the time they reach 50-years-old.

However, black women are at a higher risk of developing fibroids in their uterus due to factors, such as body weight, family history, and their much different physical experiences from women of other races during pregnancy.

The symptoms that working women with fibroids experience are often so severe that they have to take days off from their places of employment. Doctors do not know much about how fibroids form or how to treat them. However, hysterectomies are what doctors perform to prevent fibroids.

Hysterectomies are adverse forms of surgery for black women, in particular. In the United States, black women experience the most complications during childbirth within the conventional medical system. This is due to systemic racism, which exists in American society.

Gessie Thompson (pictured) is a prominent black American woman who has championed over fibroids and other health challenges, which face black women of all social classes in the United States. Thompson is a best-selling author and women’s fertility coach.

Essence Magazine recently published an op-ed written by Thompson, which told the story of a woman who is her client. In her own experience, Thompson has endured 12 surgeries to remove fibroid tumors from her uterus. She experienced complications as well.

However, in her Essence op-ed, Thompson told a riveting story about her a woman named Annalise, a client and Thompson’s friend of 20 years. Annalise revealed to Thompson that she has had 57 fibroid tumors in her uterus over the course of her life.

Unlike Thompson, Annalise was able to remove her fibroids without the use of surgery.

” Annalise started our Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination and The DeTox programs on January 25, 2016 and her ultrasound report dated July 10, 2016 revealed that she eliminated an astounding 50 fibroids through the program without surgery or medication and her ovaries are now free and clear!” Thompson wrote in her Essence op-ed.

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