Cassandra Dumas: Amazing Transformation With Hard Work


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Cassandra Dumas was an athlete and a discus national champion. She suffered a knee injury that ended her athletic career right before she was to try out for the Olympics. Then she began to gain weight. Her heaviest weight came in at 364 pounds. She didn’t go out anymore but rather stayed home most nights in her bedroom alone. She turned to trainer Chris Powell and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition for help. In the end she lost 175 pounds which is almost half of her starting weight!

During the episode they showed her at work. She is a counselor at a school and the kids were a part of the episode and helped her along the way. She tells kids that they can do anything that they want to. They were all very actively involved and so many were inspired by her story.

Cassandra2Cassandra began gaining weight due to excessive emotional eating after she went through a very painful divorce. It is very common for people to turn to food to comfort them in trying times. Unfortunately they pay for it later on when the weight catches up with them and then they tend to become more depressed because now they are dealing with heavy emotional stuff and are overweight as well.

One thing that her coach, Chris Powell taught her was that she needs to take small steps and look towards small goals, not big picture ones. It is good to have a big picture of what you want, but can make it seem unrealistic at times. Setting small goals and taking things step by step is much easier, and you will feel more accomplished by achieving all of these small victories.




    I’m proud of you Cassandra, it is very hard to lose the weight after you’ve found yourself in a situation like that. Good for you Cassandra!

  2. So many people think being overweight is just about over eating. I’m glad article explained that people become overweight due to much deeper issues.

  3. Great article:inspiring. For Three years, I suffered aches and pains in my feet. the doctor didn’t know what was happening. I could barely walk, but I had to push forward .Then I suffered other problems too, rotary cuff injury, I din’t fall nor did any heavy lifting howeever, I had two tears that set me back. And of course working full-time, taking care of mom, I too gaine weight, but now, pain-free I am back on track and I hope to look good as YOU. Keep it up.

    • Stay strong, determine and focus! I’ve have learn is not easy getting back in shape in my 30’s but I’m too determine to quit! Congrats I your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

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