Countess Vaughn Shares Horrific Experience with Infections From Wigs


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Actress Countess Vaughn started out on Star Search and then became a very well-known star on many different shows such as Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Moesha, and The Parkers. Her looks evolved along with her celebrity status. In 2004 her hair dresser thought that she would like lace-front wigs. She fell in love with them and began to wear them all day, every day. Her latest TV appearance was on a show called The Doctors where she told the audience all about the horrors of lace-front wigs and warned everyone about how dangerous they can be.

Five years after wearing the wigs all day, she began to notice that something wasn’t right. She had pus oozing from the nape of her neck, around her ears, and all along her hairline. She didn’t think much about it even though it was painful and she said it smelled pretty bad. She let this go on for six months before she finally got it treated. Her scalp developed an allergy to the glue because she was using it so much and now her natural hair was falling out.

She went to see the dermatologist but he didn’t tell her what the long-term effects of the infection would be. She had skin fall off of her ears and her skin was lightened in the areas where the infection was. She said that people thought that she had vitiligo (disease that causes skin depigmentation). She now has to draw in her hairline with a pencil because of the damage that the infection caused.

Vaughn says that she had to go through it so that she could teach her child that you should love yourself and not try to change who you are.



  1. I had a weave 1 time in my life, never ever ever ever again…!!! I had soars and infection in my head and my hair came out… I didn’t use any glue, it was just about the hair. Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!!

  2. We Of the African Diaspora have the most beautiful hair and skin in the world if you notice everyone mimics us when do something everybody follows so be as happy with yourselves and with others and only then will you be happy and comfortable with yourself

    • I don’t think any skin or hair is better than any other hair or skin. We have the skin and hair that we were born with. Just simply love who you are and stop covering it up with a weave or wig. I wound not have married my wife if she wore a weave or wig. I hare it and think that it is silly. We have bought into the story that says something is wrong with who we are. Our young men have been told that they should act like thugs. Stop and think about why you do what you do. Do not accept what you are told seek the truth on your own.

  3. mark english on

    these wigs (especially the lace front wigs) cause cancer!!! but if you are trying to look wihte or you thing natural black hair is repulsive…you need to die a slow painful death (excluded from children)we dony need you negro bed wenches!!!!

    • Don’t you think your comments are a bit; mean spirited, inappropriate & over the top, a women is much more than how she chose to wear her hair & it is her prerogative despite your “death wish”, wow this is just entertainment gossip

    • @mark english = the reason why many black-women are the white-mans bed-wenches…

      Its ignorant foolish donkey-A-holes / aka:alpha-boys like you who make me come up in here and act-out. I’d rather be a bed-wench 24-7 then to be hookup with a stupid low-life militant clueless suck-face like you. I guess your [email protected]$$ needed some attention / so you got some NUT…

  4. Kamaria Sauda on

    What’s also not being said here is that those lace front wigs are also causing forehead cancer in women!! #loveyouforyou

  5. Wow! and i’d almost Gotten into wearing Lace front wigs. I bought a couple and they we’re both Really Cute. But, Yes! that Glue was Horriffic!!! the wig stayed on well for at least eight to ten days but the smell of that Glue every time the wind blew was breathe Taking. And, they we’re quite Costly and i’m a Cheapster;-) Half wigs, are Half the price. However, No wig in the world will ever feel as Good as your own Beautiful hair.

  6. Unfortunately black women hate themselves so much that if weaves caused cancer, they would still wear them. Self hating.

    • Kendra, please speak for yourself. I am a black woman, and I can tell you that I love, love, love myself. Whether I am wearing my hair natural, relaxed or faux straight, I always feel positive about my “blackness”. I am not defined by my hair style. I enjoy having the ability to change the way that I look when the mood strikes me…that does not make me self loathing.

  7. Check out Dick Gregory… he says on YouTube that the hair is coming from corpses. It has bugs eating in our heads.

  8. You have to soak all wigs in hot water and apple cider vinegar for 30 minutes. Therefore the chemicals are gone.

    • Chemicals are not just in wigs but in weave and all fake hair and the amount of money you spend doesn’t tube videos are great because., there is a chemical in any of the hair that is sold.

      • Amen…

        I can feel my head itching right now just from reading these comments. The dye was eating my head up. I scratched until I had soars in my head, and that only took 1 week. You couldn’t cut that shyt out of my head fast enough… Never in my life man, and this is what the Chinese sell black women!!!! lmbo……..

  9. Sometimes, when I go out somewhere formal, I’ll wear a regular wig with the combs to keep it on. It looks nice, but if I get caught in the rain it smells like a wet dog!

    I much prefer my huge collection of scarves and head wraps. So much more comfy and fun to wear.

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  11. I don’t subject myself to those horrible things. I tried to tell my own mother about weaves, wigs, and braids (pulling your hair around the front of your head) and she is now bald because of VANITY. Women should be made to feel beautiful REGARDLESS of their hairstyle but the truth is, many men DON’T want a woman with “bad” or “natural” hair. I’m not changing who I am, and I have had men compliment me for NOT having a weave. It’s not for me, and I like myself just FINE!