Craig Robinson From “The Office” Loses 50 Pounds By Quitting Alcohol, Meat


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Getty Images

Another entertainer in Hollywood has joined the vegan movement in an effort to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Craig Robinson (pictured) is best known for starring on “The Office” alongside other notable names in acting, such as Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski. Robinson was also a co-star a number of popular films, including “This is the End,” a comedy he worked with Seth Rogen on.

Robinson, 46, was recently profiled by in an article about clean eating and healthy living. The article contained excerpts from Robinson’s 2017 interview on Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show “Harry.” In his interview, Robinson revealed the regimen he underwent to lose over 50 pounds.

“I lost a bunch of weight. I lost about 50 pounds. I haven’t been drinking. Since January I just put down the alcohol. I was going to detox. I had heard — I don’t know how true it is — but I heard you can regenerate your liver in six months,” Robinson said in his interview on “Harry.”

“I was like, ‘Let me see if I can go six months,’ and I just haven’t gone back,” Robinson continued.

Robinson is wise to cut alcohol from his drinking regimen because it is loaded with calories. Wine, spirits, and beer can have a triple-digit amount of calories in just one eight fluid ounce serving. There are also the liver problems that excessive drinking can cause.

Robinson also talked about the dietary ease he has experienced as a vegan. “[I’m] working out, and I’ve been trying this vegan lifestyle too. It’s amazing. There are so many great vegan restaurant and dishes. It’s much easier than I thought it would be,” Robinson also told Connick.

A rash of documentaries about diet, such as “What the Health?” have been released in recent history. These films have raised an abundance of awareness about the absolute dangers of certain types of foods that most Americans love.







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