Curious About Circumcision? Here Are Some Answers


Curious-Woman.jpgBy Staff Blogger

A study just proved that men who are circumcised experience less s*xual pleasure then men who are not circumcised. The research shows that men who have had their foreskin removed either as a child or as an adult lose some of the intensity that comes with s*xual pleasure. The study did not say that men who are circumcised are bad lovers or that they cannot be satisfied, but that circumcision causes them to lose sensitivity.

Circumcision is most common in the United States. Throughout the world circumcision is performed as a religious procedure. It is practiced in Judaism and Islam often. According to the World Health Organization only six percent of men in the United Kingdom are circumcised. In the U.S. three out of four men are circumcised for non-religious reasons.

Circumcision does have its benefits. Removing the foreskin can reduce the rate of infection, but so can proper cleaning. The study was done in Belgium and involved 1,369 participants over the age of 18. They were questioned about their [email protected], p*e*nis sensitivity, pain and numbness. The study showed that 310 men were circumcised and 1,059 men were not. Uncircumcised men reported more intense [email protected] and more p*e*nis sensitivity.

Circumcised men may lose sensitivity, daily, just from friction in their clothing. The foreskin protects the head of the p*e*nis from becoming thicker by covering it. Some researcher believe that friction in clothing causes uncircumcised penises to become drier and can ultimately effect sensitivity. Even after this study researchers are torn between promoting male circumcision and not promoting it. Clearly the health benefits are worthwhile, but are they worth sacrificing the function of the p*e*nis?



  1. it also reduces risk of cervical cancer in women. i must be 1 of the 6% or am i muslim or jewish. apparentley it was practised by protestants and hated by catholics. as for hygiene, no male child in the early years is that hygienic, from what i’ve heard neither are many adult males, so it must be a plus. i thought it was common knowledge about loosing sensitivity but i’ve always seen it as a pklus as we have more control and therefore tend not to be 1 minute men as the loss of sensitivity makes it harder to climax.

    i have never been refused sex for being circumcized but a lot of women, especially african women, frown at uncircumsized as do many religions. so being circumsized has been a bonus. tho many peeps used to question how come coze it wasnt common in uk. which is why i had to find out why…lol

  2. also since it was done as a baby, what uve never had u never miss. must be awful uncomfortable to get it done later in life!!

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