Décor & Jewelry Co. Lifts Black Girls From Poverty Through Education


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: ExpeditionSubsahara.com

Two women from Africa are using the profits from their home décor and jewelry business to fund education initiatives for Sub-Saharan African girls who are living in poverty.

Rosebell Komugisha (pictured) and Safietou Seck are the founders of Expedition Subsahara, a company that sells hand-made home décor products and jewelry. The goods sold by Expedition Subsahara are made by artisans who come from the African nations of Senegal and Uganda.

Komugisha and Seck’s company sells beautifully woven baskets made by the skillful hands of real African weavers. In an exclusive interview with Shoppe Black, Komugisha talked in detail about the goals of her company. She also discussed the important concept of “conscious consumerism.”

“We wanted to take responsibility by doing something for the women in the underdeveloped communities back home,” Komugisha told Shoppe Black.

“We focused on women specifically because United Nations Development Programme studies have shown that women will invest their income in the development of their families and communities, but men tend to use their income to indulge in selfish vices,” she continued.

This reality inspired Komugisha and Beck to designate a portion of the funds generated from their business toward education programs that teach Sub-Saharan African girls about personal finance and other concepts that will help lift them out of poverty. The root cause of poverty is a toxic mindset that fuses inferiority and mass consumerism.

“It is important that we move away from the market model that pushes profit for the sake of profit without trying to build people or the environment. It dehumanizes producers and consumers, keeps people trapped in cycles of poverty and encourages the over-consumption,” Komugisha also said in her interview.

To fund its education distribution endeavors, Expedition Subsahara plans to use Kick-Starter and other crowdsourcing avenues to raise at least a half-million dollars. Construction on education facilities will begin as soon as the company meets its goal.

Learn more about Expedition Subsahara here.

Source: https://shoppeblack.us/2017/10/expedition-subsahara/








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