Did You Know That Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Is Also A Business Mogul?


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: YolandaAdamsLive.com

Yolanda Adams (pictured) is one of America’s most successful gospel singers from the standpoint of SoundScan saturation, as well as critical acclaim.

Adams, 55, has sold over 12 million gospel albums in the U.S. and the world combined. The “How Great Art Thou” performer has also won four Grammy Awards, as well as four Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association.

The Houston, Texas native has also collaborated with other highly-decorated musicians in gospel, as well as different music genres. Her “Yolanda Adams Morning Show” on AM radio is highly successful and can be heard on almost 40 different radio stations.

However, in a very recent interview with Black Enterprise Magazine, Adams talked more about her lesser-known abilities as a very well-established entrepreneur. She explained that her spirit as a business person was deeply instilled in her by her father.

Adams own a company called Simply Yolanda, which is a sales conduit for her variety of personally branded products, such as blended coffees, body washes, and other beauty essentials. She embodied a valuable lesson from her father when she first started her business two years ago.

“Look at everything you use every single day that you cannot live without, and chances are somebody else can’t live without that too,” Adams said in her exclusive interview with Black Enterprise.

A good reason why Adams has been largely successful because she sets the price of her products reasonably. “Most people I come in contact with through my ministry, books, radio, all that kind of stuff, they can’t [spend $200 dollars on a product] because that’s a car note,” she also told Black Enterprise.

The mentality of catering to a cash-strapped consumer base has paid off for Adams. In 2016, Simply Yolanda raked in $1 million dollars in total sales. However, the blessed, beautiful, and talented Adams has other goals for her business, which will help create opportunities.

“The next level of this is to create a manufacturing and distribution plant in Houston so I don’t have to outsource and we can create at least 200 jobs just by doing the body products,” Adams added.

You can take a look at the full Simply Yolanda product line here.

Source: http://www.blackenterprise.com/event/entrepreneurs-conference/yolanda-adams-serious-business/





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