Did You Know V!agra Can Ruin Your Marriage? One Woman Says So


Tabletten zur PotenzsteigerungBy: Krystle Crossman

V!agra…the little blue pill that has been helping men get laid since the early 90s. Men with erect!le dysfunction no longer have to worry. All they have to do is pop one of these little guys and they are ready to go. But now that they are ready to go, how are their spouses feeling? Are they excited at the prospect of getting lucky more often, or are they a little less than enthused? One woman weighs in on the subject of how V!agra is ruining her marriage.

Judith Newman was doing research for an article that she was writing so she asked her husband if he would be willing to try taking a V!agra even though he did not have ED. He did, and he loved it. Judith however was not as thrilled. In her article she writes that women, especially older women, have to deal with some less than desirable consequences when their husbands begin taking V!agra.

For a man, he pops the pill, something else pops, and he is ready to go. This is all well and good for him, but what about his wife who is still dealing with age related s*xual issues? When women get older the [email protected] tends to be less elastic and there is less lubrication. This means tearing and can lead to a very painful night in bed. Many women also only want to have about half an hour of a meaningful love-making session. With V!agra men are ready to go again just a few minutes after they have finished with the first round. They feel that this means that their wives are ready to go again too.

If your husband is going to be taking an ED drug and you have reservations about what it will do for your s*x life and ultimately your entire relationship, have a talk with him first and keep your lines of communication open.


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