Did You Know Your Personality Affects Your Ability to Lose Weight?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Do you think that your weight has an effect on your personality? Well here is something that you may not know. Your personality actually has a really big effect on your weight. Here’s how:

1. Reliable: You are great with making routines and sticking with them but have a tendency to let go of thoughts about these routines such as eating which can end up delaying your weight loss goal.

2. Impulsive: If you have a hard time waiting for things you will most likely not be able to stick to a diet as you want instant gratification in the form of something sweet.

3. Center of Attention: You stress to the point where your body switches gears and you end up eating more high-fat foods to take the stress away.

4. Self-Centered: Being self-centered isn’t necessarily bad for weight loss because you are more focused on what you need. Someone who likes to make others happy before themselves however will have a hard time losing weight because they will make excuses to skip the gym to please others.

5. Easygoing: If you are a really laid back person you may stress about failure and not wanting to let anyone down. This may cause you to build up cortisol in your body.

6. Morning Person: If you like to wake up early you have a better chance of being thinner than someone who is a night owl.

7. Night Owl: If you like to stay up late at night you are probably not getting the doctor recommended seven to nine hours of sleep that you should be getting.

8. Moody: If you have mood swings you probably also have food swings! The worse your mood is the more you may eat for comfort.

9. Hard on Yourself: If you are someone that is too hard on yourself you may end up giving up on fitness and diet routines because you feel like you aren’t doing well enough so why bother.

10. Introverted: If you are quiet and reserved you are going to be more aware of your weight and will be able to lead a healthier life.



  1. Oh my freaking god, not ANOTHER silly “article” about why black women are obese!! For ONCE can we PLEASE have an HONEST conversation on why a whopping 70% of black women in this country are obese??? I know women who fit all ten descriptions who aren’t obese! REAL TALK 70% of black women are obese for TWO REASONS. Over consumption of too much unhealthy food and no exercise. Next article will be black women are obese because theres life on Mars and because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west! Can we please dispense with the EXCUSES??!!

  2. This article looks more like a reflection of research based observations. The comments show behaviors that often live side by side with harmful eating habits. Not excuses, this information is helpful to those who need to change such behaviors (which lead to or cause weight problems).

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