Disgusting: Why Was This Subway Worker Putting His Pen!s on the Bread?


RPLC_subway_meltBy: Krystle Crossman

As if the most recent fast food horror stories from other fast food outlets weren’t bad enough, another story from Subway has come to light about a worker who was defiling food at the chain.

A photo surfaced from one of Subway’s “sandwich artists” of his pen!s on a loaf of uncooked bread. Several photos were received by HuffPost from two men in Columbus, Ohio. Their Instagram pages are filled with photos of things they have done to bread loaves such as shaping them into suggestive shapes.

Followed by these photos was an Instagram photo from Subway worker Cameron Boggs. This photo showed a bottle of frozen urine that Boggs boasted came from him. Boggs also posted the incriminating photo of someone’s gen!talia on the loaf of bread with the caption, “My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today”. HuffPost caught up with Ian Jett and while he admitted that he did defile the footlong loaf of bread, he said he didn’t do it at work. He stated that he would never do that at work and committed the act at home.

Both Boggs and Jett worked for the same Subway located in Columbus, Ohio on Tuttle Crossing Boulevard. A representative from that Subway put out a press release stating that the actions of these two men did NOT represent what Subway is about and that the actions were not tolerated. Both men were fired immediately.

The person that sent the photos out was not either of these men. They were horrified by what they saw. They weren’t trying to be vindictive by sending the photos but they said that something needed to be done to stop them.



  1. While these "men" are both disgusting and foolish, it is a shame that their workplace may be banned. I do not advocate this type of behaviour, however, there are hundreds of other "very good" employees that may be affected by the nonsense of those two. Being aware of possible situations is great knowledge, having that knowledge and making poor decisions is your choice.

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  3. Dawn N. McKenzie on

    Whoa! Taco Bell, Dominoes, Burger King now Subway. I am eating at home. This is a different non-caring generation.

  4. Kasaundra MzYeat Falls on

    They shouldn't have lost their jobs over something as senseless as penis bread. It just shows how far you can take a joke in the privacy of your own home.

  5. Leslie Settles on

    Yeah until there's penis and nuts all over your bread… They only claimed they did ut at home. Who knows what they did at work…

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