Do Men Think They Are Better In Bed Than They Actually Are?


handsome-black-manBy Staff Blogger

If you read articles about having s*x and ways to make it better, you will notice that the job usually falls on the ladies to make the s*x hotter and more satisfying. Maybe the articles should concentrate on how guys can help their partners since 61% of women said they are satisfied with their intimate life while a staggering 80% of men said they are either very happy or happy with theirs.

While 61% is still more than half of the women surveyed, it is still not high enough. The study also showed that the participants didn’t really know their partner’s satisfaction levels as well as they thought they did.

79% of men think that their partners are happy with their love life and 55% of women think their men are satisfied. This is a big difference and it shows that men think their s*xual prowess is more satisfying than it really is and women don’t think they are satisfying their men quite enough.

Another part of the study looked at how predictable the participants thought their s*x lives were. 68% of men said that theirs was predictable compared to 50% of women. So what is it about the s*x that is not satisfying for the women? Are they bored? Do they want their partners to be a little more adventurous?

It seems that when articles about doing the deed are written, it should put its focus towards the men and give them some pointers on how to keep their women satisfied. Women are always told to do this and do that to be sexier, but when they are focusing so much on their partner, their enjoyment level drops at the expense of trying to please someone who is most likely already happy with what they are getting!


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