Embarrassed Mariah Carey Has Meltdown After Credit Cards Declined During Beverly Hills Shopping Spree


By Victor Trammell

Pop megastar Mariah Carey (pictured) usually makes a scene ripe for the flashing cameras of the paparazzi when she goes out on the town to shop in style at fashion outlets reserved only for those who can afford a glamorous lifestyle the way she can.

However, according to a celebrity news source called Radar Online, the 47-year-old music legend ran afoul with a dose of economic adversity during a recent shopping spree in Beverly Hills, California.

An anonymous eyewitness who saw what happened told Radar Online that Carey tried multiple times to swipe credit cards in order to pay for her pricey purchases. To her dismay, however, all the credit cards were not accepted due to insufficient funds.

“[Carey] was shopping on Rodeo Drive and her credit cards were declined,” an eyewitness told Radar. “When it happened at Louis Vuitton, she thought it was a fluke. But when it happened three more times she was embarrassed and humiliated,” the unnamed witness told Radar in an exclusive interview.

Determined to make sure her expensive merchandise was paid for, Carey left the shopping outlet and returned there moments later armed with a personal assistant an her manager Stella Bulochnikov. However, the eyewitness told Radar that this is when Carey exhibited a total emotional meltdown.

“[Carey] returned with an assistant and her manager Stella [Baryshnikov], who made a total scene. They ended up paying in cash,” the eyewitness also told Radar.

“But Mariah is blaming her manager for the cancellations, postponement, and low ticket sales of her tour with Lionel Richie. She’s also had bad press and business deals. Stella keeps saying everything is going to be all right, but it’s not,” the unnamed source added.

Since breaking up with her former fiancé James Packer, an Australian-born billionaire business tycoon, things have been going south financially for Carey. Radar also reported that the Grammy-winning singer and performer recently lost out of lots of money after calling off a South American tour due to late payments.

Source: http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/mariah-carey-credit-cards-declined-beverly-hills-shopping-spree/






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