Embarrassing Health Questions Women Are Afraid to Ask Doctors


woman-doctorBy Staff Blogger

When you go for a doctor’s visit, do you always answer questions honestly? Are you afraid to ask questions because they are too embarrassing? Don’t fear, doctors have heard it all. Here are some common questions that many women are afraid to ask because they are too embarrassed.

1. “I don’t have much s*x” This is actually a common issue among women, especially busy mothers and career women. The best advice the doctors have is to schedule a date night or try to make s*x a priority

2. “I have a strange smell “down there” Many women are surprised to hear that a ‘fishy’ odor down there is actually pretty common. It is a sign of bacterial vaginosis which is when there is too much ‘bad’ bacteria present. It is something that can clear up on its own or with a round of antibiotics.

3. “Should I get tested for an STD?” Women often wonder if they should bother to get tested when they are s*xually active. If their partner says they are clean, that should be good enough right? Wrong! Getting tested is important.

4. “I have herpes, can my partner get it?” This is an important one that shouldn’t be ignored. There are treatment options that can prevent the risk of spreading the virus to others.

5. “When am I most fertile?” Women are embarrassed to ask this because they feel it is something they should know. Generally, in a woman with a normal cycle, the most fertile time is 12 to 16 days after menstruation.

6. “Do I have to have an orgasm to get pregnant?” No, that is not a determining factor in whether a woman gets pregnant or not.

7. “Are there certain positions we should try to get pregnant?” Many women are afraid to ask this because they feel it is too private. There is no evidence that certain positions help.