$ex Study: Can “0ral” Stop Infidelity?


LL shhhBy Staff Blogger

A recent study that was published has shown that most men that perform 0ral $ex on their partner do so to minimize the risk of infidelity. The study was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology last month. It was conducted to try and figure out why men performed oral s*x on women since it was not a function of reproduction.

The survey studied 243 men in heteros$exual relationships. The researchers ended up at the conclusion that it was done to discourage women from straying from their partners. The authors refer to it as “mate-retention” strategy. They feel that if a man can increase the woman’s satisfaction in a relationship by performing oral $ex, she will not go looking elsewhere for that satisfaction.

The study has received some negative reactions. An article on the website The Gloss questioned why they were not doing the same study for men. They wanted to know what the difference was between oral $ex for men and for women. It has no reproductive purposes for men either, so why do women do it?

Kate Gilbert who is a writer for Handbag.com said, “Sorry science guys – sometimes things are just meant for fun.” She has a point. Many men and women use oral $ex as foreplay because it can make s*x more intense. It pleases the other partner, and in the end, it can leads to more satisfaction. Maybe there is no scientific rhyme or reason to it and it is simply something that couples do in order to give their partner more pleasure.

Another consideration that was brought up was that many people don’t even have $ex for the reproductive purposes, so it calls into question what made them think of doing this study.



  1. William H Leonard on

    All these study have very little proof. This will not stop a partner from cheating. The reason for cheating varies and most of the time it don't have any thing to do with what goes on in the bed room.

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