FLOTUS Shares What One Thing Opened Doors For Her She Could Never Have Imagined


First Lady Promotes Youth Exercise With OlympiansSeventeen Magazine initiated a campaign called Girl Power. In the video below, in support of the campaign, the First Lady shares what she believes is the one thing that opened doors for her that she never could have imagined.

As can be expected of Mrs. Obama, she gives young women a little dose of inspiration, sharing what “power” means to her and how every young girl can step into her own power and make her dreams come true. 

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“I believe that girl power is about being the very best version of who you are,” says Mrs O. “And that means showing up for class, paying attention — it means really challenging yourself.”

It’s not surprising to see Mrs. Obama take part in a campaign that both inspires and motivates young women considering that Mrs. Obama has two daughters of her own that she has made many scarifices for her.

When the First Family moved into the White House, Mrs. Obama invited her mother to move in with them so that her daughters would not only have their mother to love and care for them but so that they could also have the benefit of having their grandmother as a source of love and care.

What advice would you give to young women today so they can harness their power?



  1. florence Johnson on

    I would tell them to value themselves far above what is seen in todays media, and social sites. I would tell them to not allow past mistakes to define who they are and what they will become. they should stay focused on purposeful,strategically planned goals and surround themselves with people who are positive, encouraging and uplifting, and never, never, never give up.

  2. I truly believe this and always have. This is my motto. There have been so many young ladies that have come across my path and also my daughter that I have shared this with. That no matter what you do, keep your head up and never give up on your education and dreams. Always remember if you focus and apply yourself to your education, then no one can take that from you.

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