Healthy Love: 10 Ways to Overcome a Cheating Boyfriend



Reported By: Britt L

Women are naturally nurturing and forgiving creatures that often times get the short end of the stick in relationships. Not that it should be that way of course but, it’s not uncommon. Alongside with having to deal with mother nature (i.e. Aunt Flow) and labor pains, women also have to steer clear of, yup…you guessed it…cheating boyfriends. Sometimes, a guy isn’t the most faithful, but that doesn’t mean a woman can’t get over his cheating ways. Here are a couple of tips to get past the burning sting of a cheating boyfriend:

1. Are you broken up?

It may be important to ensure that you are clear about where the relationship stands. If everything is in limbo, that’s how misunderstandings can occur.

2. Express the anger

Feel free to express, but don’t take it out on the wrong person. Also, if you’re choosing to forgive, then do it, and not spend your time holding it over someone else’s head.

3. Stop obsessing over the cheating

Stop obsessing. It’s not always your fault. If it is your fault, then either fix the issue or find a new boyfriend.

4. Don’t stalk

Stalking hurts you more than it hurts the target. Spending your time thinking about another person’s whereabouts and actions is both pathetic and counter productive. Always make sure you have your own life.

5. Be confident

Make new friends, get a new job, change your hair. Do something that will create a new life for yourself so that you can dismiss the old one and move forward.

6. Gain a support system

Friends are there to have your back, never drop them, even when the relationship is going well. They are your emotional insurance policy.

7. Don’t bargain in an unnecessary way

It’s ok to compromise and negotiate, but don’t do it in a way that will make you feel degraded and weak. But if it makes sense, then go for it. Growth in relationships requires you to be willing to evolve.

8. Say it

Express your feelings clearly and try to do so without too much excess anger. He needs to know how you feel. If he doesn’t listen, then he may not be the right man for you.

9. No Negativity

Check your inner dialogue to ensure that you don’t spend your time being negative all the time. That will only bring you down.

10. No pity

No self-pity. That’s not going to get you anywhere. The fact is that the world is not going to feel sorry for you and you have to pick yourself up. Don’t be weak, be strong, you can do it.




  1. The only way that you can overcome a cheating boyfriend is to get rid of his ass…why in the hell would anybody want to stick around with the other 9 reasons?

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