High-Fat Diary Diets Increase Chances Of Dying from Cancer


dairy productsBy Staff Blogger

When you have breast cancer, you need to be mindful of what you are eating and drinking, a new study shows. Women who had a lot of high-fat dairy in their diet while diagnosed with breast cancer had a significantly higher mortality rate. How much higher? Data showed that those who included a lot of high-fat dairy in their diet had a 49% higher chance of dying during their cancer treatment and a 64% high chance of dying from any other cause than those who didn’t eat a lot of dairy.

The insurance company Kaiser Permanente, from California, conducted this study on survivors of breast cancer in Utah and California. They considered a high intake of high-fat dairy products as more than one serving per day and found that those who had more than that one serving had a higher mortality rate. This mortality rate wasn’t just limited to breast cancer either, it also was found to be higher for non-breast cancers and all-cause diseases.

Studies for years have shown that estrogen exposure over the long term can cause breast cancer. Higher levels of estrogen are found in high-fat dairy products, mainly because they come from pregnant cows, so when a women has a high-fat dairy diet, she is consuming more estrogen that she should.

The dairy products that were involved in the study weren’t just limited to milk either. They looked at cheeses, yogurts, cream, ice cream, and pudding. If you look in the store, there are almost always low-fat or non-fat options for these delicious foods. Eating the high-fat options is not good for your diet whether you have breast cancer or not.


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