What? Both People In a Couple Drinking Heavily Can Decrease Chances of Divorce


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Couples that drink together, stay together? According to a new study that is an accurate statement. Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found that couples where both partners drink heavily have a lower divorce rate than those who are in a relationship where only one person drinks heavily.

The study took place over a span of nine years and followed 634 married couples. The researchers found that when one of the partners drank heavily but the other did not drink much at all, the divorce rate skyrocketed. Almost half of these marriages in the study ended in divorce by the time the study was over. However the couples where both partners drank had a 30% divorce rate which was about the same as the couples where neither person drank.

The authors of the study say that when one person drinks in a relationship and the other does not, they are more likely less willing to put up with the actions of the one who drinks. Late nights at the bars, flirting with other people, being rowdy or belligerent…these are all things that can lead to a divorce pretty quickly. However when both of the partners drink, they are more tolerant of the behavior because they may be doing the same thing as their partner.

If you find that you are in a relationship where your partner is heavily drinking and becoming angry and abusive all of the time, it is advisable to seek some kind of help or intervention to stop the behavior. Going out and having a few cocktails sometimes is one thing, but drinking heavily every night can lead to severe problems, especially if there are young children in the house.


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