How Hating Your Job Makes You Fat and Unhealthy


chubby womanU.S employees who are more engaged in their work adopt healthier lifestyles, while their counterparts who are not engaged don’t exercise as much and tend to eat unhealthy foods. If you are very engaged in your work and enjoy it, you are likely to eat well and go to the gym or engage in some form of exercise. The workplace engagement and joy inspire  good eating, exercise and more satisfaction.

Recently, the Gallup researchers’ report revealed that workplace engagement brings satisfaction and a healthier lifestyle for employees. Those American workers who are more engaged in their work, eat well and exercise daily.  The Gallup researchers also shared that the report, Employee Engagement and Healthy Behaviors, showed that engaged workers exercise 10 percent more as compared to actively disengaged workers.

Gallup’s employee engagement index is based on extensive research studies on workplaces and the correlation between employees’ performance and with various workplace features.  Gallup researchers conducted daily interviews in December 2012 and they have found performance outcomes are more linked with safety, retention and employees motivation programs. In this research, three employees’ categories were used: engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged workers.

Engaged workers are more concerned about doing their tasks well which was linked to better health and exercise. Much less engaged works are more prone to diseases and are also not committed to a regular exercise routine.  Engaged workers lead a healthier lifestyle; therefore healthcare costs are cut down at their company level.

Workplace engagement has been defined by Gallup researchers as involvement and enthusiasm at work. Research found that 59 percent of the people found themselves engaged and 53 percent of the people are actively disengaged at their workplace. Population Health Management Journal reported, last year, that unhealthy eating causes lower productivity at work and not actively participating in exercise causes a 50 percent increase in low productivity in the work place.


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