How Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche Helped Thousands of Women Out of Debt for Free


By: Krystle Crossman

Tiffany Aliche was a teacher before she lost her job during the recession. She ended up in a hole financially but was able to manage to get out of it successfully. She budgeted, she made cuts on things that were not important, and she saved. This year she wanted to help other women who were in the same financial rut as she had been in. She is now known as “The Budgetnista”.

Aliche created a free online course called the Live Richer Challenge. For five weeks she would have different tasks and challenges for the women who signed up for the course. She ended up with over 11,000 enrollments. Each week there was a new lesson and new challenges set out for the women to complete such as calling their internet company and negotiating a better rate or getting a better interest rate on a credit card or loan. Another week was set aside for learning how to save money. Each woman would share their success for the week and show the progress that they had made if they wanted to. Aliche said there was no “penalty” for not completing a challenge, it was simply a motivational tool to help women understand finances and help them save money. They all started with a particular goal in mind and worked hard towards those goals.

The challenge just ended this month but was extremely successful. Meetup groups have sprung up all over the country with woman who participated in the challenge and those who are interested in learning more from people that had actually done it. Aliche is happy to know that so many women could benefit from her course. One woman stated that she would never be able to afford a financial advisor so the fact that Aliche did this for free was amazing. Aliche gained her extensive finance knowledge from her father who was a CEO and had taught all five of his daughters about money and how to handle it properly early on.

Even though the challenge has been completed a Facebook page went up for women who wanted to share their continued success and who wanted to help others get the kind of success that they had.



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