How to Rid Your Life of Negativity and Retain the Positives


gratitudeBy Staff Blogger

As adults you tend to linger on the negative things in life. Torment from our peers in middle school and high school can stick with you for life. Insults that are thrown at you as an adult seem larger than they really are. With all this negativity, it is surprising that more people aren’t walking around sulking. If you are one of those people that has the burden of negativity upon them, try these four solutions to help you let it go and see the positives in life.

1. Take everything that is good in your life and savor it. Research has shown that while negative thoughts soak into your brain instantaneously, it can take up to 20 seconds to absorb something good that has happened. When the good stuff comes around, stop what you are doing and soak it all in.

2. Express your gratitude for all of the good things that you have in life. Every day write down in a journal all of the good things that happened through the day and then go back and read it the next day. Writing the positives down can help you to keep them in your mind longer and will help you to carry a positive attitude over to the next day.

3. Take a break from the news. Most of the headlines on TV and in the newspapers are negative. People die every day at the hands of others. There are natural disasters, wars, and famine. Take a 24-48 hour break from all of it if possible so that you can step back from the negative imagery in the world and focus on the good.

4. Don’t make a snap judgment about a situation. Take a step back and look at everything as a whole, not just the negative aspects of the event. Look at the positives and the negatives. Don’t assume the worst, try to find the best.



  1. This is nothing short of awesome. I've become a much better person after changing my circle and started to surround myself with positive people. Thank you so much for this. I'm sharing.

  2. Carol Parks on

    Stay away from the negative people who always want to bring you down. Misery loves company they say! 🙂 Exercise or being outside doing stuff is also great. Relieves stress, & it's beautiful outdoors! I love working in my garden.

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